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“How Do I Celebrate Survivorship” by Leah Heusterberg

How do I celebrate survivorship? I strive to see the world through the eyes of our grandchildren, in particular, our 3 year old grandson who loves to experience the adventures of life. I celebrate by taking advantage of every opportunity to play as, and with, our grandchildren. To stomp through the house pretending to be… Read more »

“Me and My Soles!” by Karen A.

Me and my soles have been busy. First we decided we need to do something to start moving. We hear they were starting a group called “Active Survivors of Sheboygan.” We thought that might be interesting to find out more. I was afraid to go at first but I put on my shoes and off… Read more »

“Every day with every step!” by Terri Yoho

How do I celebrate survivorship? I celebrate it every day with every step. I prefer to put cancer behind me and not wear it like a badge of honor or to dress in the full pink regalia of a breast cancer survivor. I am who I am; cancer has never defined me, but surviving cancer… Read more »