“How Do I Celebrate Survivorship” by Leah Heusterberg

Cael & Leah sleddingHow do I celebrate survivorship? I strive to see the world through the eyes of our grandchildren, in particular, our 3 year old grandson who loves to experience the adventures of life.

I celebrate by taking advantage of every opportunity to play as, and with, our grandchildren. To stomp through the house pretending to be a dinosaur. To flap my “wings” while pretending to fly. To build and crawl through bed sheet and blanket forts sprawled across the living room. To roll down a hill. To dig in the sandbox. To marvel at the worm wiggling in the dirt. To collect treasures while exploring under a pine tree.

Like all young children, he runs and plays nonstop. While this old Grandma has but a fraction of his energy, I strive to continue moving and stay strong so I can play with them as long as they wants to play with me.

Note for Tim: I find it hard to believe that Leah has “but a fraction” of her grandson’s energy. You see, in addition to the energy she shares with her grandson she also shares much energy her fellow “survivor-athletes.” Leah is an “Active Survivor of Sheboygan” who practices “Gentle Yoga for Cancer Survivors,” goes “Hiking Along the Cancer Journey,” paddles “UP/DOWN the River WITH a Paddle,” takes “Steps to Survivorship,” is a “Survivor on Snowshoes” has “DISCovered Disc Golf,” and has taken part in the Tai Chi and Hoop Dance workshops!   I do believe that Leah is the only area survivor who has taken advantage of EVERY Survive, Thrive & Be Fit activity that was offered in 2015… and she is always open to new experiences like our upcoming row challenge! What a great way to “Celebrate Survivorship”!