“Me and My Soles!” by Karen A.

"I am more active than I was before my diagnosis." - Karen Alsteen

“I am more active than I was before my diagnosis.” – Karen A.

Me and my soles have been busy. First we decided we need to do something to start moving. We hear they were starting a group called “Active Survivors of Sheboygan.” We thought that might be interesting to find out more. I was afraid to go at first but I put on my shoes and off I went with my trusty soles. We found out all kinds of adventures we could go to. First we joined the “Active Survivors of Sheboygan” Group, then we gave the Sheboygan Community Recreation Department’s “Couch to Two Miles” class a try. We meet all kinds of new friends and we found out we really could run two miles. We went to The Freedom Run. Then we tried the Acuity Health Challenge and the Turkey Trot. Me and my soles were still looking for adventure so we tried the LIVESTRONG program at the YMCA. We meet more new friends and have fun sampling all the different things the YMCA has to offer. Me and my soles also took a little trip to the open house at the South High School Fitness Center. They had equipment me and my soles could try too. When my shoes were on a little break this winter, my boots gave hiking and snowshoeing a try. It was fun to go out and explore and see the tracks left by the deer, turkey, and rabbits. We are not fast or speedy. We just go out and keep moving. You never know what the next adventure will bring you. I don’t know how many miles we’ve travelled on our journey or how many more we will travel in the future, but it has been fun and rewarding. Come join our gang and maybe you will find me and my trusty soles.

Reprinted from the TLC (Together we Live with Cancer!) Supportive Newsletter (Volume 14, Issue 3): READ  HERE!

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