ST&BF 2021 “Cumulative” Walk/Run or Bike! (Spring)

ST&BF 2021 “Cumulative” Walk/Run or Bike! (Spring)

What is a Cumulative Walk/Run? No need to walk/run the entire distance at one time! Complete shorter segments as you work to complete either a Half Marathon (13.1 mi) or Marathon (26.2 mi) distance!

What is a Cumulative Bike Ride? Total your rides to complete one or more century(s) (100 miles) and/or metric century(s) (100 kilometers)!

Participation Dates: Saturday, March 20th through Saturday, June 19th.

Eligible Participants: Area cancer patients/survivors, co-survivors & professional caregivers.

“Casual Participation” Category is non-competitive (no times required). Just complete and record your distance on the ENTRY/LOG and submit.

“Friendly Competition” Category is for Walk/Run only (Bike Rides are limited to Casual Participation) and requires recording of time(s) on measured courses (maps will be available here soon).

Guest Co-Survivors: Co-survivors must be the guest of a participating cancer patient/survivor.

Medical Oncology Caregivers: Local oncology doctors, nurses and support staff.

Updates/Results: Recording and reporting guidelines will be provided upon registration. Updates along with more information are available at

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