“Amy Rocks” Rock Hunt!

“Amy Rocks” Rock Hunt!

Amy (Uraynar) Clarke was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer in 2012 at the age of 33. Her initial treatment included chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. The following spring Amy signed up with about a dozen others for our first ever ST&BF “Hiking Along the Cancer Journey” overnight backpack trip on the nearby Ice Age Trail. There was a threat of thunderstorms and bad weather on the first day of hiking and everyone else, except for Amy and Alan - her boyfriend at the time, now her husband - had cancelled. As it turned out, the three of us enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous evening around the fire as the threatening weather turned out to be a few raindrops on our tents at about 2AM!

As we sat around the fire that night, I interviewed Amy and Alan for a “Survivor Spotlight” article that appeared in the TLC Supportive Newsletter, during which she stated, “I think anybody that wants to have a more positive outlook should find a way to brighten something up in their life and it will help.”

About eight years later, Amy joined us for our June visit to the CF&G. She was among several survivors who spoke that night and mentioned, “2020 was bad for all of us. It was made worse for me when I found out the rectal cancer had come back and metastasized to my lung.”

As Amy was recovering from one of her recent treatments/procedures she decided to paint some rocks. So, it seems Amy is continuing to find ways to brighten up her life as she continues on her cancer journey!

Some of those rocks she painted (pictured above) were scattered in the Ye Olde Tennis Court Garden at the Christopher Farm & Gardens on Sunday for others to find. Those who attended on Sunday, whether they found one of Amy’s rocks or not, had the opportunity to go to https://scccf.org/contest?c=stbf-at-the-christopher-farm-gardens-amy-rocks and download a photo along with a message of support and encouragement for Amy and/or anyone who may be in the midst of a cancer experience! Anyone who did so will be entered into a drawing for a couple of $25 gift cards!

Thanks Amy! You really do rock!!!

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