Kohler Waters Spa Offers “Day of Relacation” for Cancer Patient/Survivor Sharon Pentek!

Kohler Waters Spa Offers “Day of Relacation” for Cancer Patient/Survivor Sharon Pentek!

Kohler Waters Spa Offers Unique Experience for Cancer Patient/Survivor Sharon Pentek!

Comments by Sharon Pentek, Cancer Survivor

Photo: Sharon poses in front of the Kohler Waters Spa’s signature waterfall!

In November of 2018 I was diagnosed with low-grade B-cell lymphoma and the next day I lost my father – resulting in two very difficult occurrences within a 24-hour period! I started chemotherapy in December and was put on maintenance therapy every other month starting in March of this year. Dr. Matthews recently ordered a CT scan and I am happy to say that it appears that the cancer is gone. So right now I am doing fantastic!

I was so excited when I learned about the offerings by the Kohler Waters Spa! I got there about 9:30 in the morning and everyone was so gracious, warm and friendly as they ushered me in. I changed into my swimsuit and they provided a robe to wear and I spent a few minutes getting comfortable before my hour-long facial which was scheduled for 10 o’ clock. I have no idea what they were putting on... but it was so relaxing! A couple years ago my husband, Bernie, and my kids gave me a gift certificate for a massage at the Sports Core and I treasured that. And as much as I treasured that, especially because it was a gift from my family, the entire day at the Kohler Waters Spa was just UNBELIEVALBE!

After the facial I ordered a delicious sandwich with a bottle of Kambucha that was part of the package. I was finished with lunch by about noon and then enjoyed as many different services of the spa as I could which included a sauna, a steam room, a hot tub and a cold pool. (See photos below) I would just go from one thing to the next just to try different things.

Then I went up to the fourth floor where they had another hot tub as well as a lounge in front of a fireplace. You can even go outside and sun yourself if you want. Of course, they have some wonderful treats of flavored waters and nuts and what I think may have been some yogurt-covered raisins throughout the spa... and everything was delicious!

Ingrid from the Kohler Waters Spa had suggested I bring a book along, and I did. It was a good book and I was reading it throughout the day... and I ended up spending most of the day there. When I finally got home, after six o’clock, my husband asked, “Where were you? You weren’t there all day, were you?” I said, “Oh yes I was!!!” 😊

This was really a nice gift, one that I certainly never expected would come as a result of cancer, and I am so thankful for the experience!

Note from Tim: Sharon began participating in SCCCF’s Survive, Thrive & Be Fit program a matter of weeks after completing chemotherapy. She joined us for the first time at a “Survivors on Snowshoes” outing at the Christopher Farm & Gardens on a blustery February day when a gust of wind literally knocked her offer her feet. But she got back up, brushed herself off, and continued on her journey as so many of our these amazing “survivor-athletes” do! Since then Sharon has earned a spot on our Survive, Thrive & Be Fit Team by earning points by participating in just about every activity ST&BF offers (DISC-over DISC GOLF, Hiking Along the Cancer Journey, Steps to Survivorship, Gentle Yoga for Cancer Survivors, Pickleball Play, the Adventure Weekend for Cancer Warriors and the Active Survivors of Sheboygan monthly exercise and activity logs. Additionally, she has submitted several photos into our current Survivorship Through the Lens Photo Contest with winners being announced on Friday (see previous story).

If you are currently undergoing treatment or have recently completed treatment and would be interested in similar opportunities at the Kohler Waters Spa please contact Tim.

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