Speaking of the Christopher Farm & Gardens…

Speaking of the Christopher Farm & Gardens…

Speaking of the Christopher Farm & Gardens...

36! Three Dozen! 62! That’s how many times we have visited the Christopher Farm & Gardens between May 17, 2017 (our first visit) and May 17, 2022 (this most recent visit)! Had I realized before now that this most recent visit was the fifth anniversary of our first visit... I might have found a way to commemorate it! But that’s okay... just being at the CF&G is celebration enough!

One might think after 36 visits we’d seen and experienced all there is to see and experience at the CF&G... or we’d at least seen and experienced enough. That is far from the case as this place is vast and ever-changing. Every visit offers new sights, new sounds, new smells, new observations, new experiences, new joys!

This most recent “POP UP” visit was especially casual and offered only a few simple activities which gave me the opportunity to spend a bit more time than usual to casually “Wander the Wonderful Gardens.” One of my many favorite areas on this expansive property are the trails around the west pond, ampitheater, Conifer Specimen Garden, Renaissance Rose Garden, and near the Dairlyand Express ¼-mile railroad track. The cool breeze off the lake on this night made it especially warm and appealing. As I looked across the west pond, these white flowering trees and bushes along the east shore caught my attention.

(See attached for photos)

As I continued to wander, I made my way to the Renaissance Rose Garden. It may have been too early for the roses to begin to bloom... but the white flowering trees created a beautiful backdrop for the “goddesses of the four seasons.” The CF&G website states, “Though they seem lifeless, we know they are hard at work here on the farm when no one watches, performing their magic ritual called the cycle of life.”

(See attached for photos)

I turned again only to see the contrast of these white flowering trees against the evergreens and the blue sky.

(See attached for photos)

Admittedly, I don’t know much about nature. I can barely tell the difference between an oak tree and a maple tree (especially without its leaves). So I reached out to Erika (from CF&G) who informed me that this particular tree is a flowering ornamental pear tree (that does not produce fruit).

(See attached for photos)

Although not knowing much about nature doesn’t prevent me from appreciating and enjoying nature, the more time I spend at this amazing location (and with the knowledgeable and dedicated CF&G staff) the more I want to learn about nature... which will surely allow me to enjoy and appreciate it even more.

After “Wandering the Wonderful Gardens” and some “Qigong for Cancer Survivors” at the Council Ring, a few of us stuck around on this cool spring evening, warmed by a “Bonding Bonfire,” to enjoy our usual delicacy (hot dogs and s’mores) and good conversation!

(See attached for photos)

If you’ve not been able to join us at the Christopher Farm & Garden, check out this video featuring the “Song of the Christopher Farm & Gardens”:


Or check out this video created by John Seaman during one of his visits to the CF&G:

See attached for Photo: John Seaman, cancer survivor, enjoys a “run through the gardens” during our June 7th, 2020, visit to the Christopher Farm & Gardens.

Prior to his run through the gardens, John spent some time wandering and created a slide show of his photos put to music. It’s a MUST WATCH!


From the CF&G Website: Research has revealed that our health and well-being are significantly enhanced by time spent in nature. Creating a space that allows people to connect to nature is an important reason for our guided tours of the gardens. Our staff's dedication to caring for the gardens provides a nurturing, inspiring and healing experience.

Prescription for Area Cancer Patients/Survivors: Eat well, exercise, follow doctor’s orders... and get a dose of nature’s healing from the Christopher Farm & Gardens!

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