The Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund (SCCCF) is dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and quality of life for individuals and families of Sheboygan County who have been diagnosed with cancer or a disease of the blood.

You Are A Survivor!

A “cancer survivor” is anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer and is alive today. That includes those newly diagnosed, those in treatment, those cured, those in remission, those dealing with recurrence, those for whom there is no cure, and those approaching the end of life. If you have experienced a cancer diagnosis in your life and you are alive today, you are a survivor!

Needs Continue to Grow

We granted our first “gesture” in June of 2002. That first year we approved 17 gestures worth approximately $2,700. Since then we have approved hundreds of gestures worth about $900,000 to help local cancer patients and survivors through financial gestures to assist them with the financial challenges of a cancer diagnosis. In addition, we offer a variety of supportive/healthy living programs and opportunities at no cost to cancer patients and survivors. Learn more.

We Could Use A Hand

The SCCCF relies heavily on volunteers to continue and expand the work we are doing. Contact us if you are interesting in helping us continue our local work.


“The Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund is a great organization.  The many activities and financial assistance offered to individuals and families is a huge help and provides the needed support in order to maintain a positive outlook.  When you have cancer, you learn to ask for help.  The SCCCF is there for us.”

Felicia – Survivor
Colorectal Cancer


“SCCCF travels the day-to-day journey with patients, hand in hand provide support on many levels, whenever and wherever needed.  I am delighted to help support an organization that does this much good for so many people so close to home!”

Terri – Survivor
Breast Cancer


“Not only does the SCCCF provide financial support, they also offer ways to connect with others who know what you’re going through either as a survivor or someone caring for a cancer patient.  We are lucky to have that type of support here in our area!”

Tracy – Survivor
Colon Cancer


“The SCCCF provides many activities that are fun, educational and, most importantly, provide the opportunity to meet and make friends with other cancer survivors.  In addition to the friendship and laughter the SCCCF programs have also helped me with finding my new normal.”

Jackie – Survivor