A woman with cancer is sitting in a wheelchair. She walks on the street with her daughter and they fool around
happy mother and sick adult daughter in kerchief hugging and looking at each other

Am I Eligible?

The Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund offers financial assistance to cancer patients and survivors who reside in or receive their primary cancer treatment in Sheboygan County. In addition, we are a supportive community that offers group health and wellness activities. 

It is our organization's mission to ease the financial burdens of those effected by the costs of cancer care and treatment. Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund's approach provides financial assistance through modest gestures to a greater number of patients and survivors in place of larger donations to fewer of those in need. With this philosophy, we can move forward with our goal to provide help to as many families and individuals as we can with the funds available to us. 

Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund is supported entirely by public contributions. It is important to us that these limited funds are allocated to patients who are in dire need of financial assistance for cancer care and treatment. If you believe you or a loved one are in need of Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund's assistance, please fill out and submit our eligibility form below. You may also contact us via phone call or email. 

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