Local Cancer Community Events & Activities!

Local Cancer Community events including Survive, Thrive & Be Fit activities and Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund fundraising efforts are listed here, so make sure to come back and check regularly! 

Listed below are just some of the regular and occasional activities taking place in the Local Cancer Community (be sure to watch the Local Cancer Community Update for more opportunities)!

Current Issue of the "Local Cancer Community Update"!

Survive, Thrive & Be Fit VIRTUAL Gentle Yoga and Qigong for Cancer Survivors!

Yoga and Qigong are similar and in many ways.  In Yoga, each posture is held for a period of time while Qigong consists of slow relaxed movements with no pauses from one posture to the next.  Both practices heavily focus on using the breath to find inner stillness while promoting aerobic capacity, balance, flexibility, increased energy and stamina, calmness and relaxation while also alleviating stress.  Yoga sessions (facilitated by a certified yoga instructor) are about one-hour in length, Qigong sessions (utilize a follow-along video) are between 25- and 45-minutes.  Online opportunities are also available (see Local Cancer Community Update for details).

ST&BF “Active Survivors of Sheboygan” Activity Log

You choose the activity to participate in and the intensity that is best for your current level of fitness! Record your daily exercise and activity on the log and submit them to earn ST&BF Activity Points!

Click on "VIEW PDF" for 2022 Active Survivors of Sheboygan Log Sheets (PDF)!

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ST&BF 2022 “Cumulative” Walk/Run or Bike! (Summer)

What is a Cumulative Walk/Run? No need to walk/run the entire distance at one time! Complete shorter segments as you work to complete either a Half Marathon (13.1 mi) or Marathon (26.2 mi) distance!

What is a Cumulative Bike Ride? Total your rides to complete one or more century(s) (100 miles) and/or metric century(s) (100 kilometers)!

On-going sessions for Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall!

Coins for Cancer Care!

I appeal to your CENT-cere CENTS of generosity and request your com-PENNY in providing e-CENT-ial funding to SCCCF through which we can continue to ac-CENT-uate the lives of many magnifi-CENT cancer patients and survivors within our CENT-sational community!

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