Christopher Farm & Gardens - 2023

Thanks, Erika for coming up with this GREAT IDEA!!!

A typical rainbow is made up of seven colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (we may combine indigo and violet).  We challenge you to submit photos from your visits to CF&G according to those colors.  And keep in mind that we can make multiple collages and possibly deviate from this color scheme so don't limit yourself!  For example, looking back at past photos, pink is a popular color... so maybe we'll create a collage of the many shades of pink!?!

To keep this manageable, I will ask that you limit your submissions to one photo for each color (watch this photo page) with up to three miscellaneous photo submissions.  Based on the photos that are submitted, maybe we'll create a collage of landscapes or another particular theme!?!  If you submit a photo for a certain color or one of your three miscellaneous photos but you later take a photo you like better, submit that and I will replace it.  Photos must be cropped to a square (or they will be cropped accordingly).

I will post submitted photos on the photo page sorted by color and a miscellaneous section.

As this project progresses, I may be looking for folks to help create the collages (at this point, I have no idea how to do that... but I'm confident we can figure it out via "learn-by-doing")!

    CFG Collage 2023


    Submitted by Sharon Pentek



    Submitted by Sharon Pentek



    Submitted by Sharon Pentek


    Submitted by Sharon Pentek


    Submitted by Althea Smith

    CFG Collage 2023

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