Holiday Traditions - Past or Present!

You are invited to share a Holiday-related photo with us: your decorated Christmas tree, outdoor lightings (any Griswold's out there?), Holiday village, decorated Christmas cookies, a gingerbread house, you in an ugly Christmas sweater, photo with Santa (from this year or years-gone-by)!!!

Holiday Traditions (Past or Present)!

Christmas Cut Out Cookies: As my late mother would say, "Christmas isn't Christmas unless you have cut out cookies." I grew up with them and continue to make these cookies for my family. However, this year the cookies will last longer because it is just my household members that are here to eat them. No one can come home because of the COVID.

Submitted by Sharon Pentek (December 17, 2020)

Christmas Outdoor Display: It has always been a tradition to decorate the outside of our house for the Christmas season. It brings us so much joy to see the decorations and the twinkling lights. We enjoy sharing this with others.

Submitted by Sharon Pentek (December 15, 2020)

Countdown to Christmas!  Even though I don't have children home any more I enjoy counting down the days until Christmas. I also like to display snowmen because they can stay up all winter long.

Submitted by Sue Zalewski (December 7, 2020)

Polar Express: Our family has had a fabulous time attending the Polar Express event at the Train Museum in Green Bay. We attend as each grandchild turns 3 yrs old. Wearing PJs is not mandatory, but it sure makes the event more fun. In this particular year I had sewn coordinating PJs for each family (what was I thinking?!?). Our adults have just as much, if not more, fun as our Little Ones. The event is truly magical!!

Submitted by Leah Heusterberg (December 5, 2020)

Christmas 2020 - We All Need A Little Humor Right Now!

Submitted by Sue Zalewski (December 4, 2020)

Our family tradition for the Christmas time will always be the real reason for the season!!

Submitted by Beverly Leonhard (December 30, 2020)

Holiday Traditions (Past or Present)!

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