National Cancer Survivors Day: Celebrate Life at the CF&G!

Share your photos and comments from this day!


Three Generations on the Train

One  of my favorite things about NCSD this year was seeing families --- sometimes 3 generations --- all having so much fun together!

Submitted by Mary Schueller

Birdhouse Success!

Under Bob's watchful eye, building a birdhouse can be accomplished!

Submitted by Mary Schueller

Raindrops on....Peonies!

It was NOT "raindrops on roses" as the Sound of Music song goes, but, rather "raindrops on peonies" on this particular day. Actually, I was thankful for it because it made everything look more vibrant than usual.

Submitted by Mary Schueller

Feeding Time

Thank you, Erika, for allowing our younger guests to feed animals along the way on our tour. It was a delight to see their excitement in doing so!

Submitted by Mary Schueller

“Where there is hope there is life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.” - Anne Frank

As I was walking around after everyone left closing garden gates and  reflecting on the great afternoon and many smiles even on a rainy day, I  stumbled upon this beautiful rock. It truly says it all.

Thank you all for sharing your hope-filled smiles and stories.

Submitted by Erika Lusthoff (CF&G)

The Spring Goddess of Four Seasons!

 Although the "Spring" Goddess of the Four Seasons" may seem lifeless, as the CF&G website explains, "we know they are hard at work here on the farm when no one watches, performing their magic ritual called the circle of life."  There was plenty of evidence of that on this day!

Photo Submitted by Tim E. Renzelmann

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