ST&BF at the Christopher Farm & Gardens (April - Earth Day Habitat Restoration)!

About twenty cancer patients/survivors and co-survivors commemorated this year’s “Earth Day” on Thursday, April 22nd by helping out with some habitat restoration at the Christopher Farm & Gardens!

We all enjoyed another beautiful day!  But as Erika and Rob prepared the area for the work on Wednesday... they had to endure some of Wisconsin's whimsical weather that included cold, wind and several snowbursts!

Rob from CF&G offers some instruction to an eager group of volunteers!

Shovels in hand, folks head out to plant some trees!

Providing a little TLC for Mother Earth!

Planting perennials on a cool but sunny day!

Planting trees under the watchful eye of Cole (CF&G arborist – far left in dark green).

Participants showing some pride in their hard work... and anxious to watch things take root!

A perfect spot to enjoy a well-earned lunch!

Another perfect spot... because there are many here!

Thanks Erika!

Thanks Rob!

Be gentle!

Be kind!

Be strong!

Work hard!

Work together!

Then take a step back and watch your hard work take root!

On my last stroll through the property, I noticed this "Builder Bob" bird house!  Whose is it?  I'd love to give credit where credit is due!!!

Dancing Daffodils submitted by Sharon Pentek!

Daffodils brighten our day.

Nature's Walkway submitted by Sharon Pentek!

Follow the path through spring.

Welcome to nature in spring! submitted by Bernie Pentek!

Spring blossoms arrive in April.

Popping Blossoms submitted by Bernie Pentek!

Purple splendor in spring.

Planting 101 submitted by Mary Schueller!

Thanks, Rob, for educating all of us about the finer points of planting. I think everyone learned something!

Dozens of Daffodils submitted by Mary Schueller!

While many people might think that April in Wisconsin is rather certainly isn't at CF&G. Check out this color!

Peace & Grace submitted by Mary Schueller!

There is so much to see when visiting CF&G.  I often have a tendency to try and take everything in as a "big picture." Sometimes taking a moment to look down can be so worthwhile. I found this lovely engraved stone surrounded by delicate purple flowers.  How true the saying is!

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