ST&BF at the Christopher Farm & Gardens: Enjoying A Beautiful October Evening!

Wander the Wonderful Gardens – 3P to 6P: Simply wander this unique, magical and healing space!

Survivorship Through the Lens – 3P to 6P: Don’t forget to submit a few photos to the 2021 ST&BF at CF&G Survivorship Through the Lens photo contest!

Halloween Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt – 3P to 6P: Grab a Scavenger Hunt Map and see how many locations (tricks or treats) you can find!

Great Heights with Delightful Kites – 3P to 4:30P: If we get the predicted SW wind, we will be in the field just west of the Parking Field with a kite drop at 330P!

Qigong “Five Treasures” Practice – 5P: Enjoy a 20-minute Qigong practice at the perfect location - the Labyrinth!

Gentle Yoga for Cancer Survivors – 530P: Taking place at the Labyrinth. Facilitated by Stacy Harriott, CYT. Bring a blanket or extra layer of clothes as it may get chilly once the sun sets!

Bonding Bonfire – 6P to 8P: We will conclude our evening with a Bonding Bonfire around our favorite bonfire pit in the Railyard Garden!

STBF at CFG: October 19 Visit

Last of the Season!

Submitted by Linda Ansay

Beautiful Fall Colors!

Submitted by Linda Ansay


Submitted by Linda Ansay

Railroad Crossing

Submitted by Sharon Pentek

Crossing to a brighter future.

Flaming Red Leaves

Submitted by Bernard Pentek

Autumn's contrast in colors.

A Scarecrow's Delight!

Submitted by Sharon Pentek

A smiling scarecrow displays his pot of colorful plants.

Welcome to the Garden!

Submitted by Bernard Pentek

Come and enter a healing place.

An Explosion of Green Color!

Submitted by Sharon Pentek

Wisps of green floating in the wind like firecrackers.


Submitted by Beverly Leonhard

Better than Season Tickets !!??

"The Eagle Landed"

Submitted by Cletus Leonhard

Our spectator during Qigong at the Labyrinth!!


Submitted by Beverly Leonhard

A Ray of Gratitude for our Freedom!!


Submitted by Mary Schueller

What do you get if you cross a cow & a flamingo? A cowflamingo! I must admit that every time I visit CF&G, something makes me laugh. This was it on this particular visit. As I was casually strolling the property, it was so silly & unexpected. I couldn't help but laugh!

Strength & Courage

Submitted by Mary Schueller

How appropriate that this eagle would appear high up in a tree as I was practicing Qi Gong in the great outdoors with a group of cancer survivors. The eagle is often said to be symbolic of strength & courage --- & these cancer survivors are some of the strongest & most courageous people I know! Kudos to Leah for her "eagle eye" in spotting it!

Autumnal Color

Submitted by Mary Schueller

I had just commented to someone that the Autumnal Color didn't seems quite as spectacular this year as it was in some previous years. But then I saw this reminder that nature sure adds beauty to our trek through life!


Submitted by Tim Renzelmann

In case anyone who attended and didn't see the kites in the air... Bob the Builder and I had a few kites in the sky just before everyone started to arrive!  Like a day of fishing during which you don't catch any fish... we had fun anyway despite the elusive wind!!!

Coming in Costume: Sue & John the "Fishing Folks"!

Photo of Sue & John Zalewski

Coming in Costume: Beverly & Cletus the "Packer Fans"

Photo of Beverly & Cletus Leonhard

Hot Dogs Roasting on an Open Fire!

Submitted by Tim E. Renzelmann

Recipe for Goodness: Any old food roasted over a unique firepit (this one is made of railroad rails) in a special place with amazing people on a gorgeous night!  YUM!

Where's Robbo?

Submitted by Tim E. Renzelmann

I was spooked by this scary Halloween decoration as I headed out for the evening!  Thanks Rob for checking in on us earlier in the evening... and for all you and the rest of the CF&G staff do!!!

STBF at CFG: October 19 VIsit

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