ST&BF at the Christopher Farm & Gardens: Peak Peonies Visit!

We enjoyed a second visit to the CF&G for a chance to see the Peonies in full bloom and another opportunity to "Wander the Wonderful Gardens"!  Also included was a Casual QiGong for Cancer Survivors "Five Treasures" practice on the Labyrinth and an evening bonfire at the fire ring in the Railroad Garden!

Just as we began our visit the rain came.  But folks found various locations to find a bit of cover from the brief rainfall.  I headed directly to the small hut in the Asian Gardens where I relaxed to the sound of falling rain, thunder and the trickle from the nearby waterfall!  Honestly, the rain actually enhanced the experience (at least for me)!  As quickly as the rain came it left... and we enjoyed a beautiful evenning!

ST&BF at the Christopher Farm & Gardens: Peak Peonies Visit!

Submitted by Sharon Pentek

"Flowers in a suitcase and purse? How clever!"

Even the plants want to travel on the CF & G train.

Submitted by Sharon Pentak

"Cancer sucks!"

Succulents are there to enjoy their beauty. A good distraction.

Submitted by Sharon Pentek

"Popping Pink Petals"

A beautiful sight to behold.

Submitted by Bernie Pentek

"Pagoda Walkway"

Enjoy the view!

Submitted by Bernie Pentek


Soon to be leaping frogs.

Submitted by Cindy Becker

Freshly fallen rain made the peony garden exceptionally beautiful.

Submitted by Sue Zalewski

"Tiny Bee Lily"

This beautiful lily was the only one in full bloom on this particular plant. Look closely and you can see the raindrops on the petals, leaves, and adjacent buds.

Submitted by Bruce Becker

Rain freshened Peonies protecting their inner seedlings

Submitted by Bruce Becker

The many diverse colors of Peonies appreciated by all

Submitted by Bruce Becker

Freshly fallen rain drops refresh the pink Peonies.

Submitted by Mary Schueller


The calm CF&G pond was a glorious reflective surface for these trees.

Submitted by Mary Schueller

"June Strawberries"

June is synonymous with strawberries and just looking at these plump, ripening berries made me think: strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie, strawberry pancakes, strawberry jam……..and the list goes on and on!

Submitted by Mary Schueller

"My Favorite Things"

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” is how The Sound of Music song goes. The rainfall we had right at the start of our CF&G visit made the flowers look especially beautiful tonight. They definitely are among my favorite things!

Submitted by Tim E. Renzelmann

"Childhood Memories - Good and Not-So-Good"

My mom had a peony bush like this in the backyard of my childhood home!  Had I been more attentive to my mom's suggestions... and not insisted on playing near them... maybe I would not have gotten so many bee stings!

On the other hand, I still recall how beautiful they looked on our dining room table... and the pleasant aroma they brought into the house!

Submitted by Tim E. Renzelmann

"Sharing the Gardens"

My son Lucas and his wife Emily were in town and I invited them to join us as my guest!

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