Survive, Thrive & Be Fit at the Christopher Farm & Gardens!

In response to Wisconsin's whimsical weather, we were invited not once but twice to enjoy this special space where every time of the year and every time of the day and every type of weather offers unique views and experiences!  The cooler and cloudy weather on Sunday, October 25th led into warmer and sunnier skies on Wednesday, October 28th!

I am offering some photos here... and I invite all attendees to submit additional photos and comments!

Survive, Thrive & Be Fit at Christopher Farm & Gardens (Fall, 2020)

The contrast of evergreens with the fall color at the kiosk near the entrance to the CF&G! (10/25/20)

Submitted by Tim E. Renzelmann

More contrasting color! (10/25/20)

Submitted by Tim E. Renzelmann

How can something and some place so beautiful be scary??? (10/25/20)

Submitted by Tim E. Renzelmann

Not sure these little scarecrows are scaring anything away... except any not-so-good feelings!!! (10/25/20)

Submitted by Tim E. Renzelmann

I actually was flying these kites... but I was enjoying myself too much and forget to get a photo of them in the air!!! (10/25/20)

Submitted by Tim E. Renzelmann

Colorful People in Costume: Patty D & Friend! (10/28/20)

Colorful People in Costume: Sue & John Z! (10/28/20)

Colorful People in Costume: Bev L (10/28/20)

Colorful People in Costume: John S... who is also piloting a Colorful Kite in the Air! (10/28/20)

Steps to Survivorship Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt: "Hugs & Kisses" at the entrance (the chocolate kind... and the only kind we can hand out these days!), "Gummy Bears" on the Bear Path, "Candy Corn" at Cornucopia, "Dinosaur Eggs" at Jayrassic Park, "Skttles" at the colorful Kalied-o-scope Garden, "Swedish Fish" at the Pond, "Pumpkin Suckers" at the Pumpkin Patch, "Train Suckers" at the Train Depot, "Lifesavers" along Lake Michigan and "Robin Eggs" on the colored-stone Wisconsin layout!  No tricks... all treats... because you deserve them!!! (10/28/20)

A Couple Colorful Kites in the Air!(10/28/20)

Photo submitted by Patty Daun

Cindy & Bruce work together to successfully launch their kite! (10/28/20)

Cindy B flies her two-line kite! (10/28/20)

Go fly a kite Bob! (10/28/20)

An exquisite place to practice Tai Chi for Cancer Survivors! (10/28/20)

It was easy to find my way back to the kite field following Tai Chi!!! (10/28/20)

After piloting his colorful kite... John S piloted his "stomp rocket" about 175-feet!!!  You can see the black rocket just after it left the launch pad! (10/28/20)

Enjoying a beautiful day at Christopher Farms & Gardens! Thank you Mr. Christopher and Erika for allowing us to spend time in this wonderful place.

Submitted by Sue Zalewski (10/29/20)

Submitted by Kathy Burch (10/29/20)

Does anyone know this man?

Submitted by Kathy Burch (10/29/20)

Photo Collage from 10/25/20!

Submitted by Bruce Becker (10/29/20)

A beautiful Fall walk - As I was walking around during the scavenger hunt I found myself stopping for a few minutes to enjoy the Fall colors. Thank you Jay and Erica for allowing us to visit. I find something new every time we visit!

Submitted by Linda Ansay (10/29/20)

Spectacular Color - There's a reason Fall is my favorite season in Wisconsin!

Submitted by Mary Schueller (10/29/20)

Asian Garden ala Autumn - Things look different in different seasons and I'm so grateful that Mr. Christopher and Erika allow us to experience the beauty seasonally.

Submitted by Mary Schueller (10/29/20)

The fall colors were reflected on a peaceful pond reminding us to take a deep breath to enjoy nature and create inner peace.

Submitted by Bruce Becker (11/1/20)

Nature reminds us that things keep changing in our lives and we need to change with them. The leaves fall gently upon the ground to create a bed  for next year.

Submitted by Bruce Becker (11/1/20)

Nature changes it's colors to prepare for the coming year.

Submitted by Bruce Becker (11/1/20)

Even on life's journey, nature adds a little color and joy.

Submitted by Bruce Becker (11/1/20)

Kites over Christopher Gardens!

Submitted by John Seaman (11/2/20)

Captain Kite and the high-flying Snake with 46 ft. tail!

Submitted by John Seaman (11/2/20)

We enjoyed the Trick or Treat scavenger hunt with the beautiful fall colors. Our gratitude to Erika and Jay Christopher for providing excellent weather and a breath-taking atmosphere!!

Submitted by Bev & Clete Leonhard (11/11/20)

ST&BF at CF&G (Fall, 2020)

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