Surviving, Thriving & Staying Fit Amidst COVID-19!

Cancer patients and survivors are a resilient bunch!

What do we do when things change?  Look for excuses?  No!  We adapt!  We make things happen!

Although we are unable to come together through SCCCF's Survive, Thrive & Be Fit activities... that doesn't mean we should give up... stop moving!

You are invited to share a photo (selfie's or point-of-view) that illustrates you being active in the midst of Wisconsin's "Safer at Home" order and including safe social distancing, respiratory etiquette and all other applicable healthy practices and guidelines!

Scroll down to bottom of page to submit your photo (please include your NAME, a TITLE for your photo and any COMMENTS you care to share - please don't forget the TITLE)!  

NOTE: You must be registered as a ST&BF participant to participate in this activity.  Contact Tim for details!

Surviving, Thriving & Staying Fit... In the Midst of COVID-19!

Rowing at Home submitted by Tim E. Renzelmann (3/24/20)

As much as I enjoy rowing in the company of our Indoor Row Group... I also enjoy rowing alone!  Time rowing alone and time rowing in a group provides added variety to my routine.  I look forward to our Indoor Row Group sessions... but, on this day (Tuesday, March 24th) I headed down to solitude of the basement, turned on the fan and, while listening to some Dylan, burned off about 588 calories in a little over 45:00!

Yoga with My BFF submitted by Leah Heusterberg (3/24/20)

My dog, Maxwell, displays a new twist on Down Dog as he "practices" yoga along with me.

Peace in the Forest submitted by Leah Heusterberg (3/25/20)

Taking a moment in prayer during an early morning hike at Walla Hi. From the family of Sandhill Cranes who greeted me at the park entrance, the hawk gliding over the treetops, squirrels gathering their breakfast and songbirds singing their morning tunes, I  found comfort knowing that nature is oblivious to COVID-19. This hike energized me and prepared me for my workday in healthcare.

Just Walk-in' the Dog submitted by Maryellen Kloiber (3/25/20)

Just walk-in’ the dog. Whistle the next line.

My Olympic Village submitted by Janet Sampson

This is where I go for exercise, quiet time and meditation. My supporters are always with me.

Untitled submitted by John Seaman (3/26/20)

Have kept up my walking and running, around an hour daily.  This morning was a 7-mile run around Sheboygan Falls.

Covid19 Isolation Rowing at Home - 12,000 meters submitted by John Seaman (3/25/20)

Back on the Indoor Rowing Team after my new Concept2 Model E rower arrived yesterday. Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy and safe.

Encouragement submitted by Kathy Burch (3/25/20)

Just finishing my three-mile walk today and saw this message on Camelot and S. 15th St. Yes, I did take time to follow the directions.

Note from Tim: I think we need to do something similar at upcoming "Steps to Survivorship" sessions - instead of just an "S" every 500m... look for additional "directions" to move your body!!!

Surviving, Thriving & Staying Fit... In the Midst of COVID-19!

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