Survivorship Can Be Fun: Bob the Builder Hartig Workshops!

"Bob the Builder" Hartig, retired teacher and cancer survivor, has a passion for teaching and a passion for woodworking that he has combined to demonstrate to other cancer patients and survivors fun and unique ways in which "Survivorship Can Be Fun!"

Prior to COVID-19 precautions, Bob offered in-person woodworking workshops for his fellow survivors.  More recently, he has offered virtual "Survivorship Can Be Fun" workshops for a Desk Caddy, a Wonderful Winter Spinner and a Treasure Box!

Survivorship Can Be Fun: Bob the Builder Hartig Workshops!

Project #6: The Wooden Planter Box!

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa

The above quote accurately reflects the combined efforts of “Bob the Builder” Hartig and the wonderful staff at the CF&G! The sixth and most recent TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun “Bob the Builder” project involved the making of a wooden planter box. Past projects were done virtually, via Zoom and Bob was available in person to guide others interested in building their own wooden planter box.

Then, CF&G offered a wide selection of plants and flowers to fill the wooden planter boxes.

And provided knowledgeable staff, including Amanda (Greenhouse Manager), to offer instruction and answer questions!

“So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.” – Jorge Luis Borges

As a result, many left with their own little piece of the CF&G to take home with them to beautify their homes and soothe their souls!

Maryellen & Tom Kloiber

John Seaman

Rae-Ellen Weber

Nate & Rachel

Sharon Pentek

Mary Schueller

"Lucky Jade"

Thank you CF&G for the lovely Jade Plant to fill my planter box! I understand it's considered lucky (and low maintenance) --- and, since I don't have much of a green thumb, is probably very appropriate for me!

Next Up: Project #5 - The Bird House!

Monday, March 22nd at 630P & Tuesday, March 23rd at 930A!

Bob will give us a “behind the scenes” look at his workshop and the process he uses in preparing materials for these projects and then lead us as we either complete the Bird Feeder or build a Bird House. Both projects use the same “wedged mortise and tenon” method that requires NO NAILS, NO SCREWS and NO GLUE and is not only functional but decorative!

NOTE: Due to "technical difficulties," this session will combine Project #4 (the Bird Feeder) and #5 (the Bird House)!

Bird House made by Rae-Ellen Weber

Here’s my birdhouse. I used a shorter hanger for both the birdhouse and feeder. So fun to see the birds.

Bird House made by Cindy Becker

Bird house painted and sealed. Just need to attach it to a tree with a coated wire and see if it meets a bird's approval.

Bird House made by Sharon Pentek

I finally completed my birdhouse.  Can't wait to see who occupies it.

NEXT UP: Project #4 - The Bird House!

Contact Tim to register and pick up materials!

Zoom sessions: Monday, February 22nd at 630P & Wednesday, February 24th at 930A!

Bird Feeder made by Rae-Ellen Weber

First visitors to the bird feeder. I used a shorter hanger for both the birdhouse and feeder. So fun to see the birds.

Bird Feeder made by Mary Schueller

Yes....even a Nurse can learn to make a Bird Feeder!

Who says "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"? Thanks, Bob, for your hard work and getting me motivated to do this!

Bird Feeder made by Dennis Sundell

Thanks Bob!

Bird Feeder made by Sue Zalewski

Thank you Bob for sharing your woodworking talents with us. The birds are loving this feeder!

Bird Feeder made by Sharon Pentek


Treasure Box made by John Seaman

Treasure Box - Walnut stain with two coats of gloss varnish and gold accents - Box Open!

Treasure Chest made by Sharon Pentek

Using the treasure chest to store my medications.

Treasure Box made by Cindy (& Bruce) Becker

Treasure Box with Treasures from the Past


Wonderful Winter Spinner made by Diane Welcher

Wonderful Winter Spinner by Althea Smith

This snowman was spinning wildly and lost it's hat.

Wonderful Winter Spinner made by John Seaman

Wonderful Winter Spinner made by Rae-Ellen Weber

Wonderful Winter Spinner made by Beth Stockdale

Wonderful Winter Spinner made by Sue Zalewski

Wonderful Winter Spinner made by Sharon Pentek


Desk Caddy made by Amy Clark!

Desk Caddy made by Rae-Ellen Weber

Here is my finished caddie. Resembles a bathroom closet that we finished.

Desk Caddy made by Rae-Ellen Weber

Desk Caddy made by Althea Smith

Desk Caddy made by Tim Renzelmann

I'm not particularly handy with my hands... but it was lots of fun taking a piece of wood, albeit one that Bob prepared for me, and turn it into something useful... such as a place to organize my crackers/snacks in my office!!! :-)

Survivorship Can Be Fun: Bob the Builder Hartig Workshops!

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