9th Annual ST&BF IRG (Indoor Row Group) Lake Michigan Crossing!

9th Annual ST&BF IRG (Indoor Row Group) Lake Michigan Crossing!

Saturday, March 9th - Sheboygan YMCA Lakeview Center!

Let me start out by saying that this, our 9th Annual Lake Michigan Crossing, was not our "best time" according to the clock. In fact, it was the first time since 2018 that we did not break nine hours for the 100-kilometer (62-mile) distance... but it seems every time we do this, we have THE BEST TIME EVER in ways not measured by a clock!

SCCCF2024 0309LMX01

We started the crossing at 745A in the Lakeview Center of the Sheboygan YMCA.  Photo (Left to Right): Kate, Maryellen, and Cindy put in some early meters for the team as John, our official timer, tracks team progress!

SCCCF2024 0309LMX02

Team members rowed 500m to 2000m at a time and rotated throughout the day.  Photo (Bottom to Top): Dan and Dennis along with Hannah (our "honorary" co-survivor rower for the day) continue to accumulate meters.

SCCCF2024 0309LMX03

Sure, we all want ot have a good time at the finish... but we also want to have a good time along the way!  Photo (Left to Right): Rae-Ellen, Lisa, Sue, and Michelle enjoy some conversation between rowing assignments!

SCCCF2024 0309LMX06

The Indoor Row Group is composed of a variety of survivor-athletes - younger, older, shorter, taller, experienced, not experienced.  Photo (Left to Right): Michelle is one of our younger rowers at age 42 and Dennis was our oldest rower of the day at 80 (survivor-athletes ages ranged from 38 to 80)!

SCCCF2024 0309LMX08

As the morning went on, the meters accumulated, and team members began to tire... the fun and enthusiasm never waned!  Photo (Left to Rirght): Cindy, Michelle, Kathy, and Lisa find a comfortable place to rest!

SCCCF2024 0309LMX09

There were "good times" both on and off the rowers!  Photo (Lefto to Right): Rae-Ellen and Maryellen chat with John, who posted some of the fastest times throughout the day!

SCCCF2024 0309LMXTeam02

Finishing Team Photo - CONGRATULATIONS!  Back Row: Dan Kunda, Dennis Sundell, Maryellen Kloiber, Tim Renzelmann; Middle Row: Cindy Becker, Jennier King, John Seaman, Kathy Burch, Michelle Fink; Front Row: John Zalewski (co-survivor and official event timer), Sue Zalewski, Rae-Ellen Weber, Lisa Glander; Missing: Kate Rataczak, Hannah Held (co-survivor and honorary participant).

FIRST FINISHING TIME (including Hannah's meters/times): 8:56:21.1 - 13 cancer survivors & 1 co-survivor - 86 legs - Pace: 2:40.91

OFFICIAL FINISHING TIME: 9:00:27.1 - 13 cancer survivors - 93 legs - Pace: 2:42.14 per 500m

Top Two Survivor-Athlete Rower Times per Distance:

2000m (Women): Michelle Fink - 9:56.1, Kate Rataczak - 10:32.3 / 2000m (Men): John Seaman - 8:27.7, Tim Renzelmann - 8:59.2

1500m (Women): Michelle Fink - 7:20.7, Kathy Burch - 7:55.4 / 1500m (Men): John Seaman - 6:18.0, Tim Renzelmann - 6:26.7

1000m (Women): Michelle Fink - 4:42.6, Sue Zalewski - 4:55.6 / 1000m (Men): Tim Renzelmann - 4:04.7, John Seaman - 4:08.7

500m (Women): Michelle Fink - 2:16.3, Sue Zalewski - 2:21.a / 500m (Men): Tim Renzelmann - 1:52.2, John Seaman - 1: 52.9


Congratulations to all of our IRG members!  Our season continues through April 30th and there are sure to be more "good times" this season!  Contact Tim if interested in learning more!!!

Special thanks to the Sheboygan YMCA for providing the ergometers and space and support... and thanks to the YMCA members for allowing us to take over the ergs on a Saturday morning!!!

See PDF for a history of this event!

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