APRIL – FEATURED ST&BF Activity: Steps to Survivorship!

APRIL – FEATURED ST&BF Activity: Steps to Survivorship!

What Is “Steps to Survivorship”?

“Steps to Survivorship” offers area cancer patients/survivors and their co-survivor guests the opportunity to “walk and talk” together (or jog/run)!

Sessions typically offer two start times – 4:00PM and 5:30P. We do start promptly, so please arrive at least a few minutes early or you could miss us!

These are casual and non-competitive. Participants choose the distance, pace, and intensity. We meet at designated locations and walk on paved paths and walkways along measured courses that typically go out 2.5 kilometers (1.55 miles) and back. Maps are available (see below).

As we move further into spring and, eventually, summer... watch for more “Steps to Survivorship” opportunities that may also be “bundled” with other ST&BF activities (Pickleball Play, Great Heights with Delightful Kites – and take some “Steps” while “Wandering the Wonderful Gardens” at the Christopher Farm & Gardens)!

When we reach the fall months, we will offer fewer “Steps to Survivorship” while adding “Hiking Along the Cancer Journey” using area trails and paths.

Tim’s Tips: Of course, if you are interested in a leisurely stroll... I certainly welcome you to do so. But if you are interested in increasing the intensity while also being able to connect with others... let me tell you what I typically do and offer a few other ideas.

We had our first “Steps to Survivorship” walk/jog/run of the year on Wednesday, March 22nd using our Shoreline 400/Kiwanis Park course. As the group started walking I ran to the 500-meter mark (I have marked these courses every 500-meters with an “-S-“) and then jogged back to the group and walked and talked with them until returning to the “-S-“ mark. Then I ran to the 1,000-meter mark, jogged back to the group and walked and talked with them, and continued this throughout the 5K course. This allowed me to spend some time with the group and also time get a beneficial workout in.

If you’re not interested in jogging/running... I would simply suggest that, along the way, you simply walk faster for a few minutes and then return to the group. Another option would be to find a walking buddy or two of comparable ability and alternate several minutes of faster-paced walking with several minutes of slower-paced walking. There are no rules... other than to be safe and have fun!

I also encourage participants to share contact info during “Steps to Survivorship” (spring/summer), “Hiking Along the Cancer Journey” (fall), “Survivors on Snowshoes” (winter) and plan your own outings!

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