Cancer Patients/Survivors and Co-Survivors Heal the Earth While the Earth Heals Them!

Cancer Patients/Survivors and Co-Survivors Heal the Earth While the Earth Heals Them!

A group of about twenty Survive, Thrive & Be Fit cancer patients/survivors and co-survivors, as part of our second annual “Restoration Day” at the Christopher Farm & Gardens to commemorate Earth Day on Friday, April 29th, took the time to heal the earth while the earth healed them!

With the guidance of the incredibly knowledgeable CF&G staff, we got our hands dirty planting more than thirty native trees and clearing a large area of invasive Honeysuckle. It is our small gesture of gratitude for all that the CF&G has offered to us over the years as well as an opportunity to be part of “something greater” that may live on long beyond any of us!

ABOVE PHOTO: Rob and Tiffany demonstrate how to successfully plant a potted tree.

PHOTO: Erika explains the importance of understanding the water table when deciding what and where to plant.

PHOTO: Rob identifies one of the many trees that we planted during last year’s “Restoration Day” that survived their first winter!

PHOTO: Colleen and Jane work together on a chilly but sunny day.

Missing & Vision of the Christopher Farm & Gardens:

The mission of The Christopher Farm & Gardens is to bring together horticulture, landscape design, education and the arts to inspire and enlighten guests.

We are dedicated to providing a space for enjoyment, understanding, and conservation of native Wisconsin plants, trees, animals and the Lake Michigan shoreline.

The vision of The Christopher Farm & Gardens is to continually grow with a focus on education and preservation of God’s earthly creations.

PHOTO: Dan, Candy, and Diane successfully plant another tree!

PHOTO: “Many hands make for light work.” We cleared this large section of land of invasive Honeysuckle quickly.

Special thanks to Jay Christopher, owner of the Christopher Farm & Gardens, and the warm and knowledgeable staff! As a city boy (who greatly enjoys experiencing nature – even if I don’t fully understand it), working with Rob (left) and the rest of the CF&G staff provides a greater appreciation for the many aspects of nature that I too often take for granted!

Plans are being made for another “Restoration Day” in June. If you are interested in being a part of this next project that will focus on removing invasive daisies, be sure you are on the ST&BF “POP UP” e-mail list (contact Tim for details).

We also have a tentative “POP UP-portunity” at the Christopher Farm & Gardens scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th. Activities may include “Wandering the Wonderful Gardens,” some “Qigong for Cancer Survivors” (no experience required and beginners welcome), and a “Bonding Bonfire” (with hot dogs and s’mores)! Contact Tim for details.

And, mark your calendar for Sunday, June 5th as we continue our tradition of gathering at the Christopher Farm & Gardens to celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day! See attached flyer for details!

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