Congratulations to ALL Active Survivors of Sheboygan (A.S.S.) and CUMULATIVE FINISHERS!

Congratulations to ALL Active Survivors of Sheboygan (A.S.S.) and CUMULATIVE FINISHERS!

On Tuesday, May 30th we gathered for a ST&BF Survivor-Athlete Potluck to recognize our Active Survivors of Sheboygan (A.S.S.) and CUMULATIVE Finishers (Marathon Walk/Run, 100 km Row, 100-mile Bike). A.S.S. and CUMULATIVE Survivor Athletes (and their co-survivor guests) log and submit their exercise activities as they exercise their right to survive cancer! Click the button below for a current list of A.S.S./A.S.S.i.s.t. team members and CUMULATIVE finishers!

“All this work for a silly little laminated award?” you ask (see photo). Not really! The real rewards include the many health and wellness benefits that this amazing group of athletes experiences along with the fellowship and comradery of the group and the personal satisfaction that comes from knowing that they are Making Sheboygan County the Healthiest Place to Survive Cancer!

A.S.S./A.S.S.i.s.t. and CUMULATIVE participants log their daily exercise/activities as they "exercise their right" to a healthier life and qualify to be recognised!

To learn more about A.S.S. (and A.S.S.i.s.t. for co-survivors) and the CUMULATIVE contact Tim at 920.457.2223 or!

A.S.S.i.s.t.: Active Survivors of Sheboygan Incredible Support Team!

I took this photo of A.S.S.i.s.t. (Active Survivors of Sheboygan Incredible Support Team) participants Mary Schueller (medical caregiver) and Ruth Hartig (co-survivor) who attended the Survivor-Athlete potluck on April 30th and were recognized for their efforts. 

SCCCF2024 0430ASSistPotluck

In the background is a framed piece that reminds us:

Cancer Is So Limited It Cannot

Cripple Love

Shatter Hope

Corrode Faith

Destroy Peace

Kill Friendship

Suppress Memories

Silence Courage

Invade the Soul

Steal Eternal Life

Conquer the Spirit

All of the above is true in large part because those in our lives, our co-survivors and caregivers, simply won’t allow it to do so!

Thank you to all of those who provide care, comfort, support, and encouragement in our Local Cancer Community!

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