Emily’s Golden Birthday: A Birthday and Survivorship Celebration Raises over $1,000 for SCCCF!

Emily’s Golden Birthday: A Birthday and Survivorship Celebration Raises over $1,000 for SCCCF!

Thank you and congratulations to Emily King as well as everyone who participated in Emily’s Golden Birthday! We did a quick wrap-up Zoom session earlier this week (about 20-minutes) so follow this link if you want to hear Emily’s story, how this event came to be or what some folks did to participate:


Emily surpassed her goal of walking 26 miles by completing 50-miles that culminated with a hike at Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas on her birthday!

Emily submitted the photo above along with the comment,Hey everyone! I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for participating in my virtual event for SCCCF! I finished my goal strong by hiking 5 miles at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, NV. I hope you all were able to reach your goal over the past 26 days! Stay turned for a future event!” ❤ You can view this and other photos and comments on our website: https://scccf.org/contest?c=emilys-golden-birthday-a-birthday-survivorship-celebration-benefitting-scccf.

Jenny King (Emily’s mom) did 26 days of 100 squats (and admitted her legs are still burning) and also did 26 days of thinking of something she was grateful for! And we were told that Emily’s mother-in-law prayed the rosary for 26 days straight! It turned out to be an event that was good for the body, mind and spirit!

At the time of this wrap-up session our fundraising total for the event was $949.52. When Emily’s mom heard that she indicated, “I was hoping we’d reach $1,000... so I’ll get you there!” So Jenny made a donation that put us over $1,000! If anyone else cares to make a last-minute donation, just let me know by early next week!

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