Giving Credit Where Credit is Due!

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due!

By Tim E. Renzelmann

February 17, 2021

Earlier this week I was meeting with a cancer patient in my office who was in the midst of treatment... and she started to cry.

But they weren’t the kind of tears one might expect.

They were tears of gratitude!

On a limited income, this woman was struggling to pay some of her utility bills. When I told her that the Fund would be able to help her out, tears began to fall down her cheek! “Thank you! Thank you!”

Years ago, I read about a word (from a different language) that, according to the writer, expressed a feeling of gratitude for something along with a feeling of unworthiness for that something. I can’t remember the word (or the language of origin) but I am often reminded of the feeling!

I feel so grateful to be in a role where I can offer a bit of comfort and assistance to those in our community experiencing cancer. But I don’t always feel deserving of the gratitude that is expressed towards me. There are so many others, especially those who donate to or support SCCCF with their time, money or talents that are most deserving of these expressions of gratitude!

Much of the writings in this Local Cancer Community Update are related to the events, activities and opportunities available to area cancer patients and survivors. As valuable as these opportunities may be for many who are undergoing or recovering from cancer and cancer-related treatment, they are only a small part of what the Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund does. Survive, Thrive & Be Fit activities typically account for only about 10% of our program expenses with the remaining 90% going to help cancer patients and survivors through a variety of financial “gestures”!

Whether you have benefitted from the Cancer Care Fund with a gas card or some other form of financial assistance or you have participated in one or more of our many Survive, Thrive & Be Fit opportunities, please join me in thanking the many donors and supporters!

I’m never quite sure what to expect when I open SCCCF mail and, quite often, I am pleasantly surprised!

I recently received this letter from Winifred Jenkins. I was touched by her letter and donation (and incredibly impressed by the fine penmanship of this 100-year young lady) and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to wish her a “Happy Hundredth”!

We had an enjoyable conversation, and she gave me permission to share her letter!

A few days later I received another letter, this time from a familiar name. Judy Heimerl is a long-time supporter of SCCCF. She expressed both understanding and disappointment about the cancellation of this year’s Unity Music Festival along with these reflections and a generous donation:

“I lost a good friend to cancer just after Easter last year. We would go to dinner at Rupp’s and then to the Unity Music Festival concert. I miss her. I think of her so often. May she rest in peace.

“The SCCCF is a good place for my money!! This year, with the added burden of the pandemic, the need grows. With that in mind I send this gift.”

These are the people (along with so many other donors, supporters, volunteers) who are deserving of expressions of gratitude by all who, in one way or another, benefit from the Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund!

On behalf of all who benefit from the Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund, THANK YOU to all who support it!

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