Hiking Along the Cancer Journey: Enjoying Beautiful Fall Color, Cool Weather and Warm Conversation!

Hiking Along the Cancer Journey: Enjoying Beautiful Fall Color, Cool Weather and Warm Conversation!

An adventurous group of area cancer survivors took to the trails this past weekend for a 3-day/2-night Hiking Along the Cancer Journey backpack outing with day hike opportunities! We experienced beautiful (and dry) day temperatures and conditions with cooler nights made more comfortable by an evening campfire and plenty of warm conversation!

The rugged and steep trails on this section of the Ice Age Trail offer challenging terrain for backpackers and hikers. One of our day hikers, Deb Borucki who completed treatment less than a year ago, upon hiking more than five miles excitedly exclaimed, “I earned a Personal Record on the trail Saturday!!! Everyone was so helpful and supportive. I doubted myself, but good conversation and inspiration kept me moving. Meeting other survivors is always encouraging for me. I am looking forward to the next adventure!”

Deb’s husband (and co-survivor/caregiver) Paul brought his photographic talents with us during the hike (most of the above photos were taken by Paul)! Paul commented “I really enjoyed watching everyone conquer the trails! Weather was perfect and conversations were easy,” View more of Paul’s photos on his “Ohwow Images” Facebook page (Thanks Paul): https://www.facebook.com/52232...

Plans are already being made for our next Hiking Along the Cancer Journey Backpack Outing with Day Hikes! Mark your calendars for May 15th through the 17th and watch for details!

In the meantime, consider joining us for our upcoming Steps to Survivorship walk/jog/run outings on Monday, October 28th and Thursday, November 21st and watch for upcoming Survivors on Snowshoes when conditions allow!

If you are interested in learning more about the healing benefits that come from spending time in nature, I recently received this link to a podcast from the Greater Good Science Center’s Greater Good Magazine titled “Episode 50: Finding Beauty in the Every Day”:


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