Indoor Row Group Kicks Off 2020!

Indoor Row Group Kicks Off 2020!

On New Year’s Day morning nine dedicated ST&BF Survivor-Athlete/Rowers kicked off the new year with a row session at MOA/SCBS! On that morning, to mark the occasion, I put a simple challenge on the white board: “How many 2020’s can we row today?”

We set the ergometers for 2020m and every time we each completed that distance we got up, put a check on the board and rang the cowbell!

In the end, survivor-athletes had rowed further than they have ever rowed before in one sitting!

How many 2020s did we row? Forty-nine!!! What a great way to kick off the New Year!

We currently have over twenty survivor-athletes participating in the 2019/20 Indoor Row Group and we welcome and encourage all area cancer patients and survivors to join us as we continue to grow in numbers, in strength, in endurance and in enjoyment! To learn more about the Indoor Row Group and schedule an IRG intro/demo, contact Tim!

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