Indoor Row Group to Kick Off 2019/20 Season on November 1st!

Indoor Row Group to Kick Off 2019/20 Season on November 1st!

The Survive, Thrive & Be Fit Indoor Row Group came together for the 1st Annual Lake Michigan Crossing in March of 2016. Each year since we have grown and gotten more organized while offering more opportunities to row. On November 1st we will kick off our 2019/20 season (which will run through April 30th, 2020) and are expecting our biggest and best year yet!

Consider these “Benefits of Indoor Rowing” and contact Tim to schedule an Indoor Rowing intro/demo session!

Benefits of Indoor Rowing:

• Rowing is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities!

• Rowing is a low impact activity offering smooth, rhythmic and impact free motion for comfortable and injury free exercise!

• Rowing exercises all major muscle groups through a wider range of motion than most other exercises thereby promoting strength, fitness, flexibility and mobility!

• Rowing with others provides for a supportive, social and enjoyable environment!

• Rowing is a time-efficient exercise that allows for a great workout in little time!

The Indoor Row Group (IRG) typically schedules several IRG sessions per week (days and times vary) at MOA/SCBS (2nd Floor) throughout the season with additional rowing opportunities at the Sheboygan and Sheboygan Falls YMCAs.

IRG survivor-athlete/rowers can reserve 45-minute slots during scheduled sessions and can choose the pace, the distance and the intensity of their workout. In addition, IRG offers a variety of fun and unique activities including a “row & shoot” biathlon (using rubber band-shooting guns to knock over Solo cups) as well as occasional row & walk/jog or row and ride (on a Concept2 bike ergometer) duathlons and row & bike & walk/jog triathlons. Additionally, we occasionally show instructional videos during row sessions. The team also participates in a variety of individual and team challenges throughout the season as we support and cheer one another on!

As a testament to how enjoyable and beneficial it is, four survivor-athlete/rowers have purchased their own Concept2 ergometers since joining the team. In addition to their in-home rowing routine, they continue to attend ST&BF IRG sessions for the comradery, friendship, support and fun!

Photo: A group of IRG survivor-athlete/rowers (and a biker) at a typical IRG Session at MOA/SCBS!

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