Just Another Amazing Visit at the Christopher Farm & Gardens!

Just Another Amazing Visit at the Christopher Farm & Gardens!

One of those “privileges” in recent years has been the many visits to the Christopher Farm & Gardens thanks to the amazing generosity and hospitality of Mr. Jay Christopher!

I’m not sure exactly how to describe the Christopher Farm & Gardens! Quite simply, it is one of the most uniquely amazing places in Sheboygan County!

We enjoyed our most recent visit yesterday afternoon and evening. I’m not sure exactly how many times we have been invited to enjoy this space (maybe I’ll do some research and look that up), but each visit has been unique. We have spent hours just exploring and admiring the beautifully and creatively designed and landscaped gardens located along Lake Michigan... and yet each visit brings new discoveries.

We have also enjoyed a variety of activities. The CF&G has become home to regular “Survivorship Through the Lens” photo taking opportunities (as well as our annual “People’s Choice Photo Contest). We have done yoga, tai chi, hiked, walked or ran, snowshoed, enjoyed scavenger hunts, carved pumpkins, played disc golf, launched stomp rockets, flown kites, enjoyed campfires, backpacked and camped atop of the bluff along the Lake Michigan Shoreline... and just sat and relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. I’m probably missing a few activities.

This most recent visit, partially due to the cool and wet weather, allowed us a whole new experience as we were invited to visit the Jay W. Christopher Transportation Museum on the property that houses one of the finest Railroad China collections in the world!

Prior to this visit I had watched a recent program hosted by the Center for Railroad Photography & Art based in Madison, WI that featured Jay Christopher along with Anne Lapinski, museum curator. A combination of Jay’s wonderful storytelling of childhood experiences and memories of railroading in the 40s, 50s and 60s and his passion for preserving these stories and the historical significance that they represent along with the photos of some incredibly unique and interesting pieces certainly captured my interest!

You can a link to a YouTube video of the presentation here: 

Of course... actually visiting the museum... viewing the extensive collection... and hearing Mr. Christopher (pictured below right) share his stories first-hand... was an immensely more enjoyable and interesting experience!

There is so much I’d like to share with you about this visit... but I want to get this Update out yet today... so watch the next issue of this Local Cancer Community Update for additional comments and photos and watch our Photo Page (www.scccf.org/contests) as photos and comments from this visit will be added by those who attended!

See attached PDF for more photos.

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