“Project Tweety Bird” Offers a Thriving Environment for Bluebirds AND Area Cancer Patients/Survivors!

“Project Tweety Bird” Offers a Thriving Environment for Bluebirds AND Area Cancer Patients/Survivors!

“My favorite weather is bird chirping weather.” —Terri Guillemets, quote anthologist

A growing number of cancer patients and survivors are enjoying some “Nature Therapy” through ST&BF at the Christopher Farm & Gardens! Our newest project, to go along with our annual Earth Day Restoration Project, Daisy Days, and fall Deadheading & Seed Collecting is ”Project Tweety Bird.”

Tom Friedrichs (cancer survivor, adventurer, outdoorsman, and bird enthusiast) has volunteered to take the lead on this project. Tom explains:

(See PDF below for related photos) “Project Tweety Bird” Offers a Thriving Environment for Bluebirds AND Area Cancer Patients/Survivors!

We are in the early stages of building a Bluebird Trail, which will eventually include nest boxes for other birds as well. Currently existing nest boxes are being cleaned out, and their location plotted on a map of Christopher Farms and Gardens (CF&G).”

The primary goal of a trail, especially with the impressive acreage at CF&G, is to attract Bluebirds first and other birds after that. Bluebirds take center stage because numbers were scary low for years, but people have stepped up and numbers are rising; the thing is without our help, this would not happen. And they are a bird-fan favorite; if you appreciate Cardinals for instance, wait until you meet a few Bluebirds.

An additional benefit of catering to Bluebirds is there are three other birds that will use the same boxes, all prefer the same prairie or other open-space habitat and edges. These include Tree Swallows, Chickadees, and House Wrens.

(See PDF below for related photos) Tom Friedrichs (left) provides “Project Tweety Bird” objectives and directions to a group of enthusiastic volunteers during a recent workday!

Tom along with Dave Kuckuck (Maywood Environmental Park) are mapping out a plan that will involve building new bluebird houses and strategically placing them in the most conducive spots. Once these birdhouses are built and installed, our group will regularly monitor and record nesting, hatching, and fledgling activities according to guidelines recommended by the Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin (BRAW) and the North American Bluebird Society (NABS).

(See PDF below for related photos) Above Left: Mike A. cleans out one of the many existing birdhouses on the property. Above Right: Tom K. and Rae-Ellen W. prepare a birdhouse for its next tenant.

If you find yourself wondering what building bluebird houses has to do with surviving cancer, I encourage you to join us and find out for yourself as the answer is perhaps better experienced then explained.

“Nature Therapy,” which was the topic of our April TLC Survivorship Session, in the simplest terms, encourages people to get outside and experience nature through activities that improve our physical and mental health and well-being. Thank you to the Christopher Farm & Gardens for allowing us to do that... and to have a lot of fun along the way!

(See PDF below for related photos) Photo Above: No... they do not have live crocodiles (or is that an alligator?) at the CF&G... it is just Tom K. and Mike A. taking a break from our workday and having some fun!

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