SCCCF ST&BF Survivor-Athlete “Beacon of Hope” Award Presented to “Bob the Builder” Hartig!

SCCCF ST&BF Survivor-Athlete “Beacon of Hope” Award Presented to “Bob the Builder” Hartig!

Congratulations to Robert “Bob the Builder” Hartig for being named the Second SCCCF ST&BF Survivor-Athlete “Beacon of Hope” Award Recipient!

Photo Above: “Bob the Builder” Hartig pictured here with the “Beacon of Hope” Award created and presented to him by two of four of his fellow survivor-athletes (Jennifer King and Maryellen Kloiber) who nominated him for the honor!

The SCCCF ST&BF Survivor-Athlete “Beacon of Hope” Award is meant to recognize a ST&BF survivor-athlete who has demonstrated kindness, compassion and concern while positively impacting and supporting fellow survivor-athletes and other cancer patients/survivors through their participation in ST&BF and their involvement in our Local Cancer Community!

To be nominated, an individual:

  • Must be a cancer survivor with regular participation in one or more of our ST&BF activities!
  • Who has demonstrated support, encouragement, and inspiration to other cancer patients/survivors and survivor-athletes.
  • Who has displayed a commitment for the betterment of our Local Cancer Community!

“Bob the Builder” Hartig received several nominations in response to the recent request for nominees put out via this Local Cancer Community Update. Reasons given by those who nominated Bob for this award included:

Bob’s ST&BF Involvement and Contributions:

  • A.S.S. (Active Survivors of Sheboygan) Member
  • IRG member (even though he no longer rows, he rides to support various IRG team challenges and the annual Row Across Lake Michigan).
  • Creating/donating the Rubber Band Guns for the IRG biathlon.
  • Making things fun: Stomp Rockets and Kite Drops at recent ST&BF Activities.
  • Assisting with SCCCF “Coins for Cancer Care” coin containers.

Contributions beyond SCCCF/ST&BF:

  • TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun “Bob the Builder” Workshops throughout the pandemic.
  • Creating/Donating Farkle and Mancala boards for TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun Game Nights.
  • Designing and creating the TCABs (Treatment Chair Activity Boards) and accessories for the MOA/SCBS treatment room
  • Opening his workshop and sharing his talents with other survivors to make fun stuff and having the patience to work with those who have never done wood projects.

Other survivor-athletes nominated for the award including John Seaman and Cindy Becker!

Past SCCCF ST&BF Survivor-Athlete “Beacon of Hope” Recipients:

Jennifer King (June 2020)

Bob Hartig (July 2021)

To learn more about how you can nominate one of the SCCCF ST&BF Survivor-Athletes for this award, contact Tim!

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