Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund: In Remembrance and Honor of Dennis “The Coke Guy” Baumann!

Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund: In Remembrance and Honor of Dennis “The Coke Guy” Baumann!

Perhaps the most interesting and the most challenging aspect of this work is that one never really knows what each moment might bring amidst the full spectrum of the cancer experience – from the magnificent to the miserable.

Recently, I was sorting through my mail and came upon a letter that both saddened and uplifted me:

Dear Cancer Care Fund,

I am writing this letter to thank you again for helping with financial aid when my husband was going through his cancer treatment. We talked about giving back as soon as he was healthy and we had our financial obligations fulfilled. Unfortunately, my husband passed away unexpectedly from an embolism on June 12th after being declared cancer-free for 24 days! It has been an unbelievably rough 1-1/2 years but, with organizations such as SCCCF, it was made a little easier.

Enclosed is a check of monies received as gifts for a memorial in Dennis’ name. What could be more fitting than giving back in his name so others can be assisted from your organization? Nothing! Thank you!

Sincerely, Gloria Baumann

I was touched by the gracious sentiment of this letter, as I am by so many that come across my desk and I regret I can’t share them all. This heartfelt letter touched me in several ways. Of course, I was saddened to read that a life was lost, especially only 24 days after being declared “cancer free”! But the thoughtfulness that Gloria expressed through this letter during such a difficult time was truly heartwarming. Her expression of gratitude for the assistance the Fund provided during their time of need, of course, made me proud to be associated with the Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund and boosted my appreciation for all those who support its work.

I reached out to Gloria who gave me permission to share her letter as way to Honor Dennis. “He touched more lives than even I realized through his job as a Coca-Cola merchandiser,” Gloria reflected. “He was known as The Coke Guy in all the stores he serviced and beyond.”

Gloria went on to say, “People who have never been touched by cancer and endured watching a loved one go through it all don’t realize what it is like. No fault of their own, until I saw it first-hand, I didn’t understand how it affects the total aspect of one’s life, not just the patient but the loved ones around him.”

I never met Dennis. But the photo of this friendly guy brought on a feeling of familiarity. Perhaps I did meet the Coke Guy, or maybe it was just his smile that makes me feel like he was a friend!?! Either way, Dennis continues to touch the lives of others!

On behalf of the Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund, I offer my condolences to Gloria and all who knew and loved Dennis and I thank you for your thoughtful letter and generous donation!

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