ST&BF at the Christopher Farm & Gardens: Some Typical Pleasant Experiences & Some Fabulous Firsts!

ST&BF at the Christopher Farm & Gardens: Some Typical Pleasant Experiences & Some Fabulous Firsts!

It was a lovely evening at the Christopoher Farm & Gardens that included many of the same pleasant experiences and opportunities along with a few fabulous firsts!

The same pleasant experience that is the peace, beauty, and relaxation of the Christopher Farm & Gardens also brought the Fabulous First of our first “Game Night” featuring Farkle, Yamslam and Qwirkle Cubes!

The Same Pleasant Experience that involved another “Bonding Bonfire” with hot dogs, s’mores and more took place at the Conservatory’s outdoor fireplace (see photo below) which, we believe, was the first-time it has ever been used!

LCCU2022 0728CF&G1

The Same Pleasant Experience of familiar faces included the first-time visit by Rachel and Nate’s son Otto (who, I have to believe, at the young age of just 20 days, is the youngest person to attend one of our events)!

LCCU2022 0728CF&G2

I spent some of my time at the Gardens checking out a few areas for our upcoming “WANDER-thon” fundrasing event. As I followed a path along the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, I came upon this interesting display, which I had never seen before (despite this being our 42nd visit). It is an expansive property that is forever changing (by the hands of nature and as well as the hands of the hard-working, dedicated, and creative staff). The display read:

LCCU2022 0728CF&G3

The Telephone of the Wind

This phone is for everyone who has lost a love one. You may use this phone as an outlet to share messages with lost friends, family or a beloved pet.

It is a phone for memories and for saying the good-byes you never got to say.

“In every walk with nature one recieves far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

This phone was inspired by and dedicated to guests who have shared with us the healing effect they have experienced being here in the gardens. Particularly true after the loss of a loved one.

I had never noticed this particular display before. So... I took a few minutes to talk to my Dad, who passed away in June of 2021!

I texted my brother and sisters shortly after: “I talked to Dad on the phone today! This place (CF&G) offers so much healing... Even when you don’t realize you need to be healed.” To which my brother responded, “They are so creative and generous there. And they must have a great long-distance calling rate/package.” 😊

There is so much to see and experience at the CF&G! Please consider joining us for the upcoming “WANDER-thon” or watch this Local Cancer Community Update for our next visit and, possibly, our next “Game Night”!

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