ST&BF Indoor Row Group Completes 8th Annual Lake Michigan Crossing!

ST&BF Indoor Row Group Completes 8th Annual Lake Michigan Crossing!

Photo Above: Finishers of the 2023 Lake Michigan Crossing - Front Row Sitting: Lisa Glander, Linda Ansay. Middle Row Standing: Dan Kunda, Mike Brachmann, Cindy Becker, Rae-Ellen Weber, Sue Zalewski. Back Row Standing: Tim Renzelmann, John Seaman, Nancy Josiah, Rachel Darling. NOT PICTURED: Kathy Burch, Michelle Fink, Bob Hartig, Jennifer King, Beth Stockdale.

Do you really cross Lake Michigan in March?

It’s a question we’ve been asked many times over the years! No... we don’t actually row a boat across Lake Michigan in March! Instead, we enjoy the safety and comfort of the Sheboygan YMCA’s Lakeview Center (which does have a nice view of the lake) and row a distance equal to crossing Lake Michigan (100-kilometers, measured from the Sheboygan Lighthouse to the Ludington, MI lighthouse) on Concept2 ergometers in a relay-style event!

This year fourteen cancer patients/survivors (survivor-athletes) participated, including three first-time Lake Michigan crossers: Rachel Darling, Michelle Fink, and Nancy Josiah.

The team finished with a time of 8:48:53.3, our third best finishing time ever.

2020: 15 Rowers/87 Legs – 8:34:21.2

2022: 12 Rowers/75 Legs – 8:40:02.1

2023: 14 Rowers/82 Legs – 8:48:43.1

2019: 17 Rowers/71 Legs – 8:48:52.7

2021: 14 Rowers/47 Legs – 8:59:20.4 (Virtual Event)

2018: 14 Rowers/52 Legs – 9:17:05.6

2017: 15 Rowers/56 Legs – 9:30:02.6

2016: 19 Rowers/58 Legs – 10:03:49

See attached PDF for Photos: IRG Members Mike Brachmann, Lisa Glander, and Rae-Ellen Weber row as teammates Michelle Fink, Dan Kunda, Nancy Josiah, John Seaman, Linda Ansay, Jennifer King, Sue Zalewski, Cindy Becker, and Rachel Darling recover from and prepare for their next legs.

See attached PDF for Photos: IRG Members John Seaman, Beth Stockdale, and Michelle Fink row as Kathy Burch, Cindy Becker, Lisa Glander and Mike Brachmann recover from and prepare for their next legs!

Each survivor/rower rows a distance and pace that is best for him or her and together we accomplish something quite unique!

We track our distance on the “official” Lake Michigan Crossing board (see attached PDF for photo) made by IRG member Bob Hartig (which doubles as a Farkle Board between crossings)!

Thanks to our “official” timer/recorder, co-survivor John Zalewski (see attached PDF for photo). Thanks also to the Sheboygan YMCA for hosting this event and to the many supportive and understanding Y Members who put up with us for the day!

If this event impresses you (as it should), you should also know that most of us never thought we would be a part of something like this. Sure, we get excited when we row well (individually or in a team row event) but even though we may not have finished this year’s crossing with our best time ever (according to the clock), the focus is always on the fun, and in that regard, we succeeded in having THE BEST TIME EVER!

We welcome beginners and experienced rowers to join us for the remainder of the 2022/23 Indoor Row Group season which continues through April 30th and offers opportunities for fun and fitness, including: The Concept2 World Erg Challenge (March 15th to April 15th), ST&BF 24-hour Relay Row (March 29th – 2PM to 6:40P), ST&BF Row & Shoot Biathlon (April), ST&BF IRG-gotta/RowGotta Regatta (April), and more!

Seriously... if you’re looking for some good exercise, some really good people to exercise with, and the opportunity to have some good fun... join us... and help us.

As one our favorite saying goes, “Many hands make for light work!” So give us a hand!

For more information about the Indoor Row Group (or any of our ST&BF opportunities), contact Tim!

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