ST&BF Indoor Row Group (IRG) Gives Back to the Cancer Care Fund Update!

ST&BF Indoor Row Group (IRG) Gives Back to the Cancer Care Fund Update!

UPDATE: As I previously reported (LCCU dated February 25th) the Indoor Row Group (IRG) held it’s own fundraiser on February 12th during which IRG survivor-athletes (and others) were encouraged to make a donation to the fund:

  • One CENT for every ten meters they rowed (10 meters per CENT... or “10 per CENT”)
  • One CENT for every hundred meters the team rowed on this night (100 meters per CENT or “100 per CENT”)
  • One DOLLAR for each year of “Survive, Thrive & Be Fit” ($10.00)
  • $20.20 to commemorate all survivors who participate in “Survive, Thrive & Be Fit” throughout 2020.
  • A donation of any amount that is meaningful to them!

Before we finished up, one of our survivor-athletes totaled up our meters for the session and discovered we were at 98,100m and decided to hop back on the erg and complete another 1,900m for an even 100,000m (I assure you... it wasn’t me)!

At the end of the night we raised $961.75 and I challenged our readers to help us reach $1,000... and that same survivor-athlete that jumped back on the erg to get us to 100,000 meters and one other reader made donations that took us beyond the $1,000 mark!

Donating IRG Members: Linda Ansay, Cindy Becker, Dob Borucki, Kathy Burch, Chuck Cioper, Brett Goebel, Leah Heusterberg, Mary Kempf, Jennifer King, Maryellen Kloiber, Chris Meyer, Tim Renzelmann, John Seaman, Dennis Sundell, Rae-Ellen Weber and Sue Zalewski.

Additional Donation Received By: Anonymous Donors, Janet Anderson, Mary Brachmann, Trisha Lund, Steve & Judith Opgenorth, Rodger Pratt, Pam Sundell, Linda Voight, John Zalewski & Nathan Zalewski!

Thank you to participating rowers and donors!

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