ST&BF Membership: “First… You Have to Survive Cancer!”

ST&BF Membership: “First… You Have to Survive Cancer!”

By Tim E. Renzelmann (March 25, 2021)

Several years ago as a group of Survive, Thrive & Be Fit Indoor Row Group members were rowing together in a common area on the second floor of the MOA/SCBS cancer clinic, an interested passerby inquired, “What do I have to do to join this group?” With an understandable hint of pride, one of our survivor-athletes rather matter-of-factly pointed out, “First... you have to survive cancer!” The passerby walked away, with an expression that appeared to be a mix of disappointment (that he couldn’t join) and gratitude (that he hadn’t had to experience cancer)!

It has become a rather common response when ST&BF survivor-athletes are out in public doing the things we do while “wearin’ the blue” (of ST&BF)!

“We are a group of cancer survivors who... walk/jog/run together... do yoga together... row across Lake Michigan together... backpack 36-miles on the Ice Age Trail together... fly kites together... “ I could go on!

Please understand, I don’t mean to in any way minimize the seriousness of the cancer experience for any of us. If given the choice... none of us would choose to be here. And yet, here we are! But we are not only trying to make the best of it, but we are trying to make it the best that it can be. In doing so... many of us have found some unique opportunities (dare I say “benefits” or “privileges” or even “gifts”?) of the cancer experience!

REQUEST FROM TIM: If you would like to share any of the “benefits’ or “privileges” or “gifts” of the cancer experience that you have experienced in our Local Cancer Community... send me your comments/photos and I will collect these to share with our readers in future issues of this Local Cancer Community Update!

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