ST&BF POP UP Activities!

ST&BF POP UP Activities!

By Tim E. Renzelmann

Last summer, in response to circumstances surrounding the pandemic, we started offering ST&BF POP UP outdoor activites. These sessions are typically scheduled, confirmed and communicated via e-mail last-minute based on weather and conditions. We plan to continue with these POP UP sessions throughout the summer of 2021 for many of our ST&BF activities.

Our most recent ST&BF POP UP session included “Great Heights with Delightful Kites” along with “Steps to Survivorship” that was held on Thursday, April 8th at Firehouse Park in the Town of Sheboygan! As the photo below shows... it was a pleasant and relaxing day for a good number of area cancer patients/survivors and co-survivors!

Photo Above: Some enjoyed a relaxing opportunity to fly a few kites, others walked the paved trails that wander through the park, and all enjoyed the opportunity to connect with one another while keeping a safe distance outdoors!

In addition to the many varied single-line kites that took to the skies, several attendees worked on their two-line kite piloting skills!

If you are interested in learning more about flying a two-line kite, consider joining us at future kiting outings where a group of us hope to practice some basic synchronized two-line kite flying (really basic stuff... I mean... I have never done this before... but I think it will be fun to give it a try).

While some of us were enjoying kite flying, others enjoyed some “Steps to Survivorship” on the paved trails that wander throughout the park.

And then there is always the unexpected!

It was fun to see the kites catch the attention and curiosity of a young eagle who came by to see what was invading his airspace!

Shortly after, John Seaman pulled out his stomp rocket launcher and took aim at the high-flying kites! He didn’t quite reach them... but he was close!

The kites and rockets flying through the air caught the attention of two young boys who were riding their bikes through the park. They had never seen a stomp rocket before, so John kindly gave them a demonstration as well as opportunities to launch some rockets!

One can’t help but chuckle at the idea of a bunch of not-so-young cancer patients/survivors showing some young boys how to have fun! 😊

Rumor has it that “Bob the Builder” is currently working on a fun kite idea/project! I’m not sure about all of the details and certainly don’t want to spoil the surprise... so I’ll just encourage you to consider joining us at future ST&BF POP UP Great Heights with Delightful Kites outings... and see what happens!

We will continue to offer a variety of ST&BF POP UP activities including Gentle Yoga for Cancer Survivors, Steps to Survivorship, Hiking Along the Cancer Journey, ST&BF at the Christopher Farm & Gardens, Tai Chi for Cancer Survivors and more in the months ahead! For details, as they become available, be sure to sign up for the ST&BF POP UP e-mail list (NOTE: I sent an e-mail out on Tuesday, April 13th regarding today’s POP UP Session. If you DID NOT receive that e-mail... you are not on the POP UP e-mail list! To add your contact info to that list or confirm you are on it, contact Tim at 920.457.2223 or

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