ST&BF Winter CUMULATIVE Walk/Run, Row, and/or Bike FINISHERS!

ST&BF Winter CUMULATIVE Walk/Run, Row, and/or Bike FINISHERS!

Congratulations to these FINISHERS of the ST&BF Winter Cumulative Marathon/26.2-mile Walk Run, 100-kilomter Row, and/or 100-mile Bike! Participants track their individual daily distances on log sheets and have all season to reach the goal distance for the activity to qualify as a “FINISHER”!

Winter Marathon (26.2-mile) Walk/Run FINISHERS:

Cancer Patients/Survivors: Cindy Walvoord (12/28), Sharon Pentek (1/9), Kathy Burch (1/15), Cindy Becker (2/14), Sue Zalewski (2/19), John Seaman (2/24), Tim Renzelmann (2/26).

Co-Survivors: Bernie Pentek (3/27)

Caregivers: Mary Schueller (12/28), MaryBeth Herrmann (1/21).

Winter Cumulative 100-kilometer Row FINISHERS:

Cancer Patients/Survivors: Tim Renzelmann (1/6), Cindy Walvoord (1/16), John Seaman (1/18), Sue Zalewski (1/21), Kathy Burch (1/25), Jennifer King (1/28), Mike Brachmann (1/31).

Winter Cumulative 100-mile Bike FINISHERS:

Cancer Patients/Survivors: Bob Hartig (1/8), Mike Brachmann (1/31), Kathy Burch (2/8), Rae-Ellen Weber (2/12), Tim Renzelmann (3/2).

Caregivers: Mary Beth Herrmann (1/21)

Congratulations to our 19 survivor-athletes, 1 co-survivor, and 3 caregiver FINISHERS!!!

Let’s see if we can improve on that during the SPRING Cumulative Events which runs through June 20th!

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