Survivors Go Fly a Kite on National Kite Flying Day”!

Survivors Go Fly a Kite on National Kite Flying Day”!

By Tim E. Renzelmann (February 14, 2022)

It was about a year and a half ago, still early in the pandemic, and I was looking for an outdoor activity that we could do together and one that also promoted social-distancing. During one of our visits to the Christopher Farm & Gardens, owner Jay Christopher suggested, “There would be some good places out here to fly a kite!” A few weeks later, approximately forty cancer patients/survivors and co-survivors took part in the first ST&BF “Great Heights with Delightful Kites” kite-flying outing at the Christopher Farm & Gardens!

Kite flying is great exercise, whether you are looking for an activity that is gentle (small single-line kites), more intense (dual-line power kites), or even extreme (kite surfing). It can be done alone or enjoyed with others, as it is appropriate for any age, size, or ability. It gets you out in nature, which has proven health benefits. It promotes mindfulness, attention and awareness and can reduce anxiety and depression. It promotes eye health and can even prevent cervical disease. It’s just fun, interesting, beautiful and relaxing! It is, as I once read, “Happiness on a string!”

According to the American Kiterfliers Association, February 8th is “National Kite Flying Day”! I’ll admit, February 8th seems on odd day to “go fly a kite”, at least here in Wisconsin (despite the growing number of winter kite festivals)! Nevertheless, I felt compelled to try and get out to fly a kite on this day. I was joined by fellow survivor and kite enthusiast Bob Hartig around noon as we got a few kites up on a clear but rather cold and blustery day!

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Above Photo: Reaching “Great Heights with Delightful Kites” on Natinal Kite Flying Day at Firehouse Park!

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At least one other ST&BF participant, John Seaman, took the opportunity to go fly a kite on this day. John, who now lives on the shores of Green Bay, sent the photo above of his long-tailed snake kite!

Quite serendiptiosuly (as so often happens), I was pleasantly surprised when on National Kite Flying Day, Sandy (MOA/SCBS phlebotomist) introduced me to cancer survivor, experienced kite pilot, and “kite aerial photographer,” Bob Turicik from Plymouth!

Kite fliers are a wonderful and interesting group of people, as are cancer survivors. So I guess that makes cancer survivors who fly kites doubly wonderful and interesting!?! 😊

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