The Cancer Care Fund – “It really is a ‘Beacon of Hope’!”

The Cancer Care Fund – “It really is a ‘Beacon of Hope’!”

The Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund continues to provide a wide variety of “gestures” (financial assistance) to those in our community who are experiencing some of the financial challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Even though much of what SCCCF does is done rather quietly in the background of what can often be an overwhelming disease that can permeate every aspect of a person’s life... it’s effect can be quite profound and encompassing!

Consider these recent notes from those in our community (names have been withheld for confidentiality reasons) who have benefitted from the “gestures” offered through the Fund:

To the Cancer Care Representatives,

Thank you for the generous grant in the form of 2 checks to help with expenses related to my blood cancer. It has been a rough road for myself and my family, as it is for anyone with any diagnosis of cancer. Unfortunately, my body rejected the first transplant that I had last year; I received my second stem cell transplant earlier this year.

Without your foundation, the generous donors and the grants offered, costs would be alarmingly high even with insurance coverage. Please continue the wonderful work your foundation does, it really is a “Beacon of Hope!”

To the Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund,

I want to thank you for the donation on behalf of my family and myself. Dealing with cancer is difficult in many aspects and your donation helped with the financial part. Thank you for everything you did for me, as well as the community.

(names withheld)

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