The Christopher Farm & Gardens: A Great Place to “Survive, Thrive & Be Fit”!

The Christopher Farm & Gardens: A Great Place to “Survive, Thrive & Be Fit”!

Photo: "Bob the Builder" Hartig offers some "Stomp Rocket" instruction for this first (but certainly not last) time activity!

More than forty cancer patients/ survivors and co-survivors enjoyed another wonderful visit at the Christopher Farm & Gardens!

Special thanks to Mr. Jay Christopher and the kind and dedicated staff for sharing this peaceful and healing space, especially during these challenging times!

Following our visit, I received an e-mail from Erika, Program Director of the CF&G, thanking US for visiting!

“Thank you for utilizing the gardens for FUN and joy during this time of social distancing. It means a lot to me to see how this place can be used and that people do truly appreciate and love the space created in the gardens.”

Yes... we do appreciate and love the space!

I also want to commend all who demonstrated responsible behavior amid the pandemic. Several individuals who had signed up cautiously decided to stay home because they weren’t feeling well or had recent contact with a possible COVID-19 case. Those who attended all appeared to avoid physical contact, maintain proper physical distancing, properly donned facial coverings and were considerate and respectful of one another! If everyone would follow those simple precautions, I think we would all be much better off!

I am excited to announce that we have been invited to return to the Christopher Farm & Gardens again on Sunday, September 20th and Sunday, October 25th! Watch for details!

In the meantime, here are a few photos from Sunday’s visit and some of the activities:

ST&BF “Survivorship Through the Lens” People’s Choice Photo Contest Winners Announced!

Attendees followed the “Walk of Fame” that featured the top ten photos from this year’s “Survivorship Through the Lens” People’s Choice Photo Contest! In addition to a first-place tie, only 16 points (based on votes) separated the top twenty photos which is a strong commentary on the quality of the photos submitted!

Thank you to all participating photographers and to those who took the time to vote!

See attached for the top ten results and visit to view all photos!

ST&BF Gentle Yoga for Cancer Survivors:

Due to the warm and sunny conditions, the OUTDOOR “Gentle Yoga for Cancer Survivors” group found some much-appreciated shade for their yoga practice led by Kaitlynn Kiela, CYT.

TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun “Stomp Rockets” Demo with “Bob the Builder”:

Special thanks to “Bob the Builder” Hartig for offering several TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun “Stomp Rocket Building Workshops” via Zoom in recent months and taking this opportunity to offer a “Stomp Rocket Demo” that included an opportunity to build your own rocket using everyday materials in just a matter of minutes!

The demo included some friendly competition for the “Farthest Flying Stomp Rocket” and the “Most Accurate Stomp Rocket.”

The “Farthest Flying Rocket” honor went to John Seaman whose rocket nearly flew over the tips of the towering evergreens on the far end of the field (more than 135-feet away)! Rockets built and launched by Bob Hartig and Tim Renzelmann also made it past the 135-foot mark and into the trees!

The “Most Accurate Rocket” honor went to Bob Hartig who landed his rockets just five feet from his target. A rocket built by Cletus Leonhard and launched by Kathy Burch landed just eight feet from the target while John Seaman landed his rocket 16 feet from the target.

We had so much fun... we are planning another “Stomp Rocket Demo” during our next visit to the Christopher Farm & Gardens. So, keep building those rockets and rocket launchers and contact Tim or watch for details!

ST&BF DISC-over DISC Golf:

Included during this visit was a four-hole beginner’s disc golf course! Disc golf is fun, easy-to-learn and a great way to enjoy a walk outdoors either alone or while physically-distancing from one another! Based on the score sheets submitted, co-survivor Edson Smith had a low score of 9 while the team of Jennifer King, Cletus Leonhard and Tim Renzelmann also scored had a score of 9 as a Team Scramble!

Many just Wandered the Wonderful Property!

While many participated in one, some or ALL of the scheduled activities... many also took the time to simply enjoy the property by wandering or even grabbing a good book and finding the perfect spot to simply sit and read!

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