This “Darling Family” Made the Coping Magazine Cover!

This “Darling Family” Made the Coping Magazine Cover!

ON THE COVER: Sheboygan, WI – Cancer survivor Rachel Darling (right) clowns around with her husband, Nate, and son, Otto, during the “Survive, Thrive & Be Fit” carnival at the Christopher Farm & Gardens, hosted by the Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund.

Our National Cancer Survivors Day events, sponsored by Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund’s Survive, Thrive & Be Fit have gotten coverage in Coping Magazine’s National Cancer Survivors Day issue three of the last six years! In 2018 the magazine included a photo of a group of survivors and co-survivors during a “Hiking Along the Cancer Journey” event. Last year the magazine included a photo of survivors and co-survivors enjoying a ride on the Dairyland Express at the Christopher Farm & Gardens. This year a photo of cancer survivor Rachel Darling along with her husband Nate and son Otto not only made the issue... but it made the cover! How cool is that!?!

Special thanks to Mary Schueller who took the photo of this “Darling Family”! 😊 As many of you know, Mary has attended more local National Cancer Survivors Day events than anyone else and, after she saw the photo on the cover she shared that it had been a personal goal of hers to someday have a Sheboygan NCSD photo make the cover of Coping magazine!  Thanks Mary!

There really are some amazing people involved in Sheboygan County’s “Local Cancer Community!” Not only the amazing survivors and co-survivors, but the doctors, nurses, support staff, and concerned community members as well! Rachel, Nate, their son Otto, and Mary represent each and every one of you that make up our Local Cancer Community! So... congratulations to them and to all of you!!!

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