TLC & ST&BF Events & Activities: Support & Encouragement Along the Cancer Journey - Everything Else Is Optional!

TLC & ST&BF Events & Activities: Support & Encouragement Along the Cancer Journey - Everything Else Is Optional!

By Tim E. Renzelmann (July 7, 2021)

I recently had a conversation with a cancer patient/survivor who was looking for a supportive group she could connect with to help her along her journey. I invited and encouraged her to join us at our upcoming TLC Survivorship Session/Surviovrship Can Be Fun Game Night on July 14th or any of our Survive, Thrive & Be Fit activities, to which she replied, “But I don’t play games and I don’t like to exercise.”

“That’s okay!” I assured her. “Everything is always optional!”

It’s difficult to accurately describe what goes on at any of these TLC and ST&BF activities... but let me assure you... beyond the games or the exercise... the main objective of everything we do through TLC and ST&BF revolves around providing support and encouragement along the cancer journey!

Granted, different people come for different reasons! Some may come because they find themselves in the midst of something they don’t understand and are looking for ideas and suggestions from others who have “been there, done that.” Some may come to tell or hear stories of strength, courage, hope and inspiration. Some may come to nurture and cultivate the relationships they have developed along their cancer journey. Some may come to play or workout or just have fun. Some may come for a distraction from the challenges of life, including cancer. Some may come for a specific reason... others may come open to whatever may come their way. Still others may may come simply because they had nothing better to do at that time!

Regardless of the reason that each person may come, I am confident that they will feel welcome, supported and better for the experience.

You will not be forced to play, or exercise, or talk, or even participate! You are welcome to just come and observe!

It is common, whether we are playing a game or exercising, to see smaller groups break away from the scheduled activity to talk, share and discuss. Sure, there are times we have large group discussions. But just as often, it is the smaller more intimate group interactions and discussions that are most effective. Not even I, as the facilitator, need to be a part of every conversation that takes place within the group. More-often-than-not, the right people connect with the right people. Over the years I have learned to trust that this group, whether it be as a whole or through one of its many parts (participants), will be able to help meet the needs of those who attend!

If you’ve never been to a TLC Supportive Community Event or a Survive, Thrive & Be Fit Activity... Come and check us out! And remember... EVERYTHING IS OPTIONAL... including the option of returning or not! But I have a hunch you’ll be back! 😉

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