TLC (Together we Live with Cancer) Survivorship Session with Featured Survivors: Sue Zalewski & Linda Ansay, Breast Cancer Survivors!

TLC (Together we Live with Cancer) Survivorship Session with Featured Survivors: Sue Zalewski & Linda Ansay, Breast Cancer Survivors!

Tuesday, January 17th at 5P!

You are cordially invited to join us (in-person or virtually via Zoom) for our TLC Survivorship Session on Tuesday, January 17th at 5P as we welcome two featured cancer survivors, Sue Zalewski and Linda Ansay, who will share their individual stories that are unique and yet filled with similarities!

Linda and Sue connected following their individual cancer diagnoses through SCCCF’s Survive, Thrive & Be Fit about three or four years ago. They are often seen individually or together at many of our ST&BF activities and you have seen their names mentioned many times as members of the Indoor Row Group, Active Survivors of Sheboygan, as regulars of Survive, Thrive & Be Fit at the Christopher Farm & Gardens, and more!

Photo (see PDF below): Linda Ansay (left) celebrates while “Hiking Along the Cancer Journey” in 2019 with fellow survivors and ST&BF survivor-athletes Maryellen Kloiber (center) and Deb Borucki (right)!

Photo (see PDF below): Sue Zelewski (front) celebrates her first “Million Meters” with the Indoor Row Group in January of 2020 along with fellow survivors and IRG members Rae-Ellen Weber, Jennifer King, and Deb Borucki!

In the June 22, 2022 issue of this newsletter, following one of our “Restoration Days” at the Christopher Farm & Gardens, I wrote:

As I have often witnessed and expressed, something very special happens whenever a group of cancer patients/survivors come together... no matter where they are or what they are doing.

As I was pulling daisies I overheard two cancer survivors beside me with similar cancer experiences sharing their stories with one another, offering support to one another, teaching one another, and learning from one another. Perhaps my silence in acknowledging the spontaneous healing that was occurring between these two women as they shared their stories was misunderstood as, afterwards, one of them commented, “I hope you don’t mind that we were talking about our cancer experiences?” In fact, I could not have been more delighted!

It was Sue and Linda that I was referring to!

I hope you will join us, not only to hear their stories of survivorship and friendship, but to experience for yourself the many benefits that are available in our Local Cancer Community!

ST&BF Recognition Night: Active Survivors of Sheboygan Team and CUMULATIVE Marathon Walk/Run & 100-Mile Bike Ride Finishers!

Tuesday, January 17th at 6P!

Immediately following our TLC Survivorship Session on January 17th, we will forego our usual TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun Game Gathering and take the opportunity to recognize our 2022 survivor-athletes, including all Active Survivors of Sheboygan team members and Cumulative Marathon Walk/Run and 100-mile Bike Ride Finishers! Please consider joining us in-person or virtually! See attached for details!

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