WANTED: Your M.U.G.G. (Masking Up for the Greater Good) Shot!

WANTED: Your M.U.G.G. (Masking Up for the Greater Good) Shot!

There is a growing mound of evidence that supports the use of facial coverings in controlling the spread of COVID-19! Consider the following articles:

U.S. CDC head says mask-wearing could get COVID-19 under control within 4-8 weeks – Reuters News


COVID-19 and masks: New evidence shows that cloth face coverings slow coronavirus spread – Today.com


Bill Nye Is Here to Demonstrate That Face Masks Get the Job Done – Time.com


As we discussed during one of our recent TLC VIRTUAL Local Community Cancer Updates (via Zoom), there may be some legitimate reasons preventing some individuals from wearing masks... but not all reasons are legitimate:

Doctor puts on six face masks in video to debunk idea that they lower oxygen levels – ctvnews.ca


As I left the gas station this morning on my way in to work, the only customer inside wearing a mask, I tried to think of a way to help encourage folks to wear a mask! So, as I type this (Thursday, July 16th at 8:15a), this idea is only a couple hours old.

Not all superheroes wear capes... but in this battle against COVID-19... everyday heroes wear masks! So take a selfie of yourself with your super-hero mask and submit it to SCCCF’s “Masking Up for the Greater Good (M.U.G.G.) Shots”!

Find a silly mask... a unique mask... a self-made mask... or just a plain old mask. Show us how you are using your super-hero powers in combatting COVID-19. Have as much fun with it as you want! Be creative! And while you’re at it... feel free to share any mask-related stories or ideas and hints on making mask-wearing more comfortable, enjoyable, pleasant and effective!

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