What is the TLC (Together we Live with Cancer!) Survivorship Can Be Fun “Tournament of Games”?

What is the TLC (Together we Live with Cancer!) Survivorship Can Be Fun “Tournament of Games”?

Several readers noticed the “TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun Tournament of Games” flyer I had included in last week’s issue of this update. One reader further asked, “Do you just sit around and play games?”

Well, yes and no. Yes, we do sit around (although not all games are sitting games) and we do play games... but that is certainly not all that is happening!

There is a great deal of evidence that supports the benefits of play go well beyond entertainment and just having fun! Studies suggest, for example:

  • Games that involve problem-solving, memory and puzzle aspects may actually slow down the aging process.
  • Games may provide a distraction and even produce an analgesic (pain-killing) response that may ease pain.
  • Games involving strategy and choice can improve a person’s decision-making and problem-solving abilities.
  • Multi-player games (especially the face-to-face/in-person type) can lead to new and positive social connections and deepen existing relationships.
  • And, for many, game-playing reduces stress in a simple, convenient and affordable manner!

But perhaps even more valuable (in my humble opinion) than these individual health benefits is the power that comes from being connected to a group (in this case, the TLC Supportive Community)! All of us who are involved in TLC share a personal connection with the cancer experience. It is, first and foremost, what brings us together. But it’s certainly not what defines us.

When we’re playing games we’re not “just playing games”! We are sharing stories and learning from one another. We are giving and getting support, encouragement and inspiration. We are sharing best practices, offering suggestions and providing information related to surviving cancer and surviving life. We are learning about one another and about ourselves. We are building and deepening lifelong friendships! Oh... and yes, we are having fun as well!

Photo: Multiple games (High Five Dominoes, Farkle, Crokinole & Cribbage) being played during a recent TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun Game Night!

The very first “TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun” event (a cribbage tournament) was offered back in February of 2001. Over the years we have offered a variety of games in a variety of formats. This year I thought I’d try something different.

The TLC Tournament of Games is a round-robin tournament that will run through December. Players must first attend either a TLC Supportive Community event or a Survive, Thrive & Be Fit activity to become eligible. Then, players will be encouraged to play any of the four games (Cribbage, Farkle Dice, High Five Dominoes and/or Mancala) with other tournament participants (co-survivors are welcome to play along with their survivor friends) to earn points leading to tournament play in December! Participants can play anytime two or more cancer survivors are gathered (I call it the TWO GATHER TOGETHER RULE)! 😊 After each game participants must submit a “Game Summary” to me accordingly.

So... you may see survivors and co-survivors playing games at our TLC Supportive Community events, at Survive, Thrive & Be Fit activities, at SCCCF fundraising events, in area cancer clinics and just about anywhere two or more cancer survivors gather!

Survivorship really can be fun! Come play with us!

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