Wisconsin Camaro Club’s Rally 2022 Donates $4,000 to SCCCF!

Wisconsin Camaro Club’s Rally 2022 Donates $4,000 to SCCCF!

Thank you to the Wisconsin Camaro Club who selected the Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund as one of the benefitting charities for this year’s event! A record 244 pre-registered Camaros showed up for this third annual event.

Wisconsin Camaro Club president Andy Gross thanked the many dedicated SCCCF volunteers who helped make the show a success before presenting us with a check for $4,000! As I mentioned to several over the weekend, as passionate and enthusiastic as Camaro Club member are about the Chevrolet Camaro, many of us as equally passionate and enthusiastic about the Cancer Care Fund, which made for a mutually beneficial partnership!

The “Beacon of Hope” Mascot poses with Camaro Owner Logan Lawson (right) and his dad Corey Lawson (left) in front of the “First Camaro Built” – a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro!

As I admitted when I accepted the check on behalf of SCCCF, I am not a “car-guy.” But even I got swept up in this wonderful event, this iconic car, and the unique story of this “First Camaro Built” – a very special piece of Camaro and automobile history!

To learn more about the Wisconsin Camaro Club:


To learn more about the “First Camaro Built”:


Special thanks to a wonderful group of SCCCF volunteers (Kathy Burch, Leah Heusterberg, Sandy & Rick Hoffmann, Emily & Mike King, Kirstin Opgenorth, Tom Strojinc, Paula Weiss, Sue & John Zalweski, and Jenny Zalewski) who generously offered their time and talents!

How SCCCF Became a Part of the 2022 Camaro Rally!

A couple of months ago, when I received a call from Billy Kreutz, Treasurer/Sponsorship Director of the Wisconsin Camaro Club. Billy informed me that their club had chosen the Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund as an event charity for their 2022 Camaro Rally that took place at the Road America track this past weekend (July 22-24, 2022). On behalf of SCCCF, I was thrilled by this honor and grateful for the support!

Billy had learned about SCCCF from a good friend, fellow Camaro owner, and Wisconsin Camaro Club member who is currently undergoing cancer treatment who had received assistance from the fund to help cover the cost of an expensive medication.

I hope to meet with Billy and his friend with the intent of honoring that story (and a few others) and sharing them through this Local Cancer Community Update at a later time.

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