“Bob the Builder” Hartig: Designing & Creating Ways for a Better Cancer Experience (Including the TCAB)!

“Bob the Builder” Hartig: Designing & Creating Ways for a Better Cancer Experience (Including the TCAB)!

Over the last several months, “Bob the Builder” Hartig has been graciously facilitating monthly TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun woodworking projects that have been conducted virtually! It all started with a simple Desk Caddy, followed by a Wonderful Winter Spinner, a Treasure Box, a Bird Feeder and a Birdhouse. You can view finished pieces of these projects here: https://scccf.org/contest?c=survivorship-can-be-fun-bob-the-builder-hartig-workshops

The current “Bob the Builder” project is a Wooden Planter Box that will eventually be filled with plants or flowers compliments of the Christopher Farm & Gardens that will be available at our May visit to the property! To learn more, contact Tim.

That’s not the only way that “Bob the Builder” has been using his talents, skills and enthusiasm to help his fellow survivors! Last year, when MOA/SCBS purchased new treatment chairs for the treatment room, Bob offered to design and build Treatment Chair Accessory Bars (or TCABs – because, like most things in oncology, it needs an acronym or initialization)! 😊 These TCABs, or Treatment Chair Accessory Bars, can be used by patients while undergoing treatment (some for many hours a day) for a variety of activities!

Bob (pictured abaove during a recent infusion) brought his creative nature and his many years of woodworking and design experience to this project along with his personal experience as someone who spends plenty of time in the treatment room... but wants to use that that time well while having fun and being comfortable!

In this close-up (see attached PDF with additional photos) you can see the small table accessory (sandwich not included) along with a device holder that can be used to hold cell phones and e-readers. Notice the elastic band used to hold the device in place! Bob thinks things through! It also shows the craftmanship and decorative design!

If you are in need of a larger surface to hold your laptop, or to write a letter, or to hold a book, or to work on a crossword puzzle, or draw, or color... just slide on the large table accessory.

Ready for some fun? Bob as well as his wife Ruth and daughter Alissa are huge Farkle dice game enthusiasts! Bob and Alissa teamed up to create a two-player Farkle board and dice tray attachment!

So... if you find yourself spending some time in the MOA/SCBS treatment room... and find yourself looking for a place to set your sandwich... or device... or book... or want to play a game of Farkle... ask your treatment nurse for a TCAB (Treatment Chair Accessory Bar) and see if she knows what that is! 😊

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