“Bundled Services” for Area Cancer Patients & Survivors!

“Bundled Services” for Area Cancer Patients & Survivors!

“Bundling” is a marketing strategy that often involves the selling of different items together as a package, often at a reduced price.

First of all, I’m not trying to sell anything... except perhaps the overall health and well-being of area cancer patients and survivors who may benefit from their involvement. And it’s all FREE to begin with... so forget about any reduced price. But by bundling our activities area patients and survivors may experience greater benefit... and save a little bit of time by participating in multiple events on the same night.

Consider this past Tuesday. We held our monthly TLC Survivorship Session (peer-to-peer support group) in the 2nd floor conference room at MOA/SCBS. This being the month of November, as we have traditionally done for many years, we explored and discussed the importance and the role of gratitude in our lives! It was a great-ful session (full of greatness)! 😊

Some folks trickled in just before the 6P start time... but others had already been there for an hour or more. You see, this session was “bundled” along with the TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun Game Night during which area cancer survivors and co-survivors are invited to connect with one another while playing a variety of games. We are currently involved in the TLC Tournament of Games that includes Cribbage, Farkle dice, High Five Dominoes and Mancala... but there are other games as well and folks are welcome to bring a favorite game (or puzzle) of their own!

Photo Above: Survivors (and a co-survivor) enjoying the games of Mancala (being played on an exclusive ST&BF Mancala board handmade by Bob Hartig (pictured front, right), Cribbage and Farkle (also being played on an exclusive game board hand-made by Bob))!

If that’s not enough, at the same time other area cancer patients and survivors were in the 2nd floor common area outside the conference room rowing as part of SCCCF’s Survive, Thrive & Be Fit Indoor Row Group!

Initially, I started “bundling” activities for area cancer patients and survivors in order to offer more opportunities and more variety in about the same amount of time. I’ll admit, there are times it can be a bit chaotic. But it’s a really good kind of chaos! As Nietszche writes, “You must have a chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

As much as I enjoy all of the activities going on... the meaningful conversations and discussions of the TLC Survivorship Session, the joyful fun and laughter of a TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun Game Night and the healthy exercise and activity of the ST&BF Indoor Row Group session... what I enjoy the most about these “bundled” events is life-affirming energy that permeates each activity and every individual who participates!

Consider joining us at next month’s TLC Survivorship Session on Tuesday, December 17th (along with the TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun Game Night & ST&BF Indoor Row Group) when, in accordance to tradition, we will hold our “Year End Gathering of the Local Cancer Community!”

Hope to see you then... or better yet, before then!

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